Did NASA change your Zodiac Sign? ..


Well, in the degree that you still believe the old fashioned 12 Signs Western Astrology, yes they did!
The reason for this change is that the sky was never the way that these Old Astrologers were trying to say!
There is a scientific truth in Astrology: The Sun passes though 13 Zodiac Constellations on its annual apparent orbit in the sky.
This is why we need 13 Signs Astrology to describe this situation. The old 12 Signs Astrology gives its predictions considering totally wrong places for the Sun, the Moon and the planets into the Zodiac Constellations.

These places do not coincide with the actual places of those Celestial objects as approved from Astronomy. For example the Sun is in Virgo now and not in Libra as the 12 Signs Astrologers say and write! See the image above!

So the Zodiac Signs or Constellations have shifted and a New reality governs Astrology. Ophiuchus, the 13th Zodiac Sign, has taken place between Scorpio and Sagittarius on the sky as seen from Earth.


The Sun as seen from Earth, today September 26, 2016. Virgo Sign or Constellation is just behind the Sun.

Traditional Astrologer tend to see Libra behind the Sun. 

The Sun enters to Ophiuchus on November 29-30 and stays there until December 17-18 every year.
The dates that the Sun enters to the rest of the Zodiac Signs have been changed too. You may find more and cast your own 13 Signs Zodiac Chart on this web page. On this Chart you will see the real places of the Sun, Moon and planets in the sky when you were born. Get ready to be surprised!

Vasilis Kanatas
13 Signs Astrologer
Delphi, Greece