Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 16th September 2016 ..


Please Note: 13 Star Sign Astrology is an ancient form of Astrology that hasn’t been used for over 2000 years. It is based on the true astronomical data of the Planets and includes the constellation of Ophiuchus (Serpentarius) who also sits on the ecliptic. So the Star Sign I am referring to may be in the previous Star Sign compared to the more traditional forms of Astrology. Our ancestors used this system of Astrology for many centuries until the map was redesigned for agricultural reasons and because it didn’t allow movement for the precession of the equinox’s or use the true sizes of the constellations, this map has been out of date for many, many years.

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The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse reaches its peak on the 16th September 2016 at 20:07 GMT in Pisces.

Although the Moon in Pisces is an extremely sensitive Moon, but we should never underestimate her strength and her ability to survive the harshest climates. This Moon can overcome many obstacles and withstand an emotional battering; she has the grit to withstand anything. This Moon has great depth and suffers a great deal and as a result needs to separate herself from the world here and there, so to strengthen and re-energise. She is also multi-talented and multi-faceted.

Pisces is also known to be a bit of a ‘drama queen’ especially when certain aspects hype up her extreme sensitivity, which then leads her into dramatising her emotions in the hope that others will pick up on her true needs and wants telepathically! And this seems to be the theme this Full Moon.

There are a lot of issues around relationships now and for the next two weeks where on one hand, there will be those who feel awkward in expressing their feelings or emotional needs, leaving them feeling unfulfilled like a bottomless pit. But there is an awareness with some that self healing is needed, but it’s the feeling of guilt in taking the time out to put the work into the self healing process that makes them so sketchy.

On the other hand there will be those who will be aggressive and self centred, where we may feel that we are ‘walking on broken eggshells’ around them... and you can’t do right for doing wrong! This frustration is due to their dismay of not getting what they really want; because they are not asking for what they really want. What they really need is to be honest, clear and not cut their nose to spite their face and being too independent for their own good.

Relationship difficulties will be caused through unpredictable and impulsive natures, which leave others confused. It’s not just the case of what we say that is the problem, but also what we don’t say. Sudden & dramatic changes within our relationships can occur with the challenging aspects to our Full Moon this month; some may welcome the change, while others will be completely stunned.

Chiron and Mercury are bringing up a lot of issues regarding childhood wounds and the need to be able to express ourselves honestly and objectively. We also have a Grand Kite aspect, which will cause many of us to fluctuate between highs and low’s of over sensitivity and depression.

The Black Moon Lilith in Virgo makes us concentrate too much on our flaws and past failures, which we also don’t want to really acknowledge. But her conjunction to Venus brings in balance and gives us the opportunity where the Light and Dark sides of our natures can become equalised. This is a wonderful opportunity to put in the work of learning to love and understand ourselves better, by taking the steps needed to embrace and heal our shadow side, as well as heal and let go of old childhood wounds.

The Throat and Heart Chakra’s would be good areas to work on during meditation. Walks in nature and surrounding yourself with the colour light to medium Green and working with the element of Air will bring in peace and harmony to the Heart Chakra. Surrounding ourselves with the colour Blue and using steam, such as a Sauna, a quality salt bath, or just a facial steam will stimulate our Throat Chakra to bring faith, self expression, inspiration and trust in others.


Read more by Kim Lovelace (Star)