13 Zodiac Astrology Software

13 Zodiac Astrology Web site is presenting, in co-operation with Capricorn Astrology Software, the Astrological program PROMETHEUS.
This awesome Astrology software was developed by Capricorn Astrology Software and aspires to be the most advanced Astrological Software yet developed.

With PROMETHEUS you may make astrological charts for almost any Astrological System and Type:

1. 13 Zodiac Astrology Natal Charts
2. Tropical Astrology Charts
3. Vedic Astrology Charts
4. Any other Sidereal type of Astrology Charts
5. Hourly Astrology Charts
6. Progressions, Directions and Harmonic Charts of any system





In the 13 Zodiac Astrology domain of Prometheus program there is a part that was developed in co-operation with Vasilis Kanatas author of “Astrology of the 13 Signs of the Zodiac”, that adapts the zodiac charts according to his 13 Zodiac Theory.

Now, it is possible for every professional  and every student of Astrology to apply 13 Zodiac Theory with this delicate software.

The number of Sunspots is available for the last 200 years and easily applicable on the natal charts.

Last but not least PROMETHEUS has an embedded Planetarium system for the realistic imaging of the sky, from an Astrological point of view, on your PC.. 

PROMETHEUS is available in English, Greek (translated by Vasilis Kanatas), German and Italian languages. (The Software works with Microsoft Windows. In a few months it will be available for Mac and Linux)

You may buy it from our web site at the special price of 324.00 $ :

Once payment is received, you should receive your download instructions via email within a few hours (because of the difference in time zones).

The following three components are contained in PROMETHEUS software:

Capricorn PROMETHEUS 1.0 License + 1 Year Software Updates
Capricorn Mega Atlas 1.0(Free with Prometheus 1.0)
Capricorn Astrology Explorer 3D (Planetarium)

Alternatively you may buy:

Capricorn PROMETHEUS 1.0 License + 1 Year Software Updates
Capricorn Mega Atlas 1.0(Free with Prometheus 1.0) 


Capricorn Astrology Explorer 3D (Planetarium)

at the special price of $215.00

Prometheus 30 days trial version is available now!  

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