The Sun transits to Aquarius on February 16


Tonight, 16 February 2016, takes place the transit of the Sun in Aquarius where it will remain for about 24 days. Then it passes in Pisces on March 12, 2016 at 00:50. As we have explained here in this web site the dates that the Sun transits to the Zodiac Signs have changed and a 13th sign has been inserted in the Sun's path in the Sky: Ophiuchus. The Zodiac sign of the 90% of the world's population has changed, which becomes gradually known and widly accepted by more people.
On the other side many people associate the sign change with character change which is totally wrong. People do not change. Only the way astrology is practiced and continiusly evolving changes after it approximates more closely to the scientific data.

Discover, if you have not done yet, your new Zodiac sign and see that it describes in more detail your character. Print your new horoscope and try to escape from the old outdated approach.
Happy Aquarius days!

Vasilis Kanatas

Delphi, Greece, February 16, 2016