The Sun transits to Capricorn on January 20, 2016


Sun in Capricorn. Image by Star Walk App


After a journey that lasted about 31 days the Sun transits to Capricorn on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 12:40 UTC. After traveling in the constellation for about 27 days, on February 16 at 23:10 UTC the Sun will enter to Aquarius.
These days you will be strongly affected by the idealistic and eccentric nature of Capricorn sign by often changing mood and showing an unusual dedication to your goals. The organizational skills will give its place to the unexpected. Cold blood in front of unpredictable situations will guide you this time of the year. Mercury retrograde ends on January 25 and the planet will return in Capricorn on February 13 giving a touch of mental alertness ..

The full moon on January 24 would leave pending the spirit of perfection and an indispensable compliance with your principles. While the New Moon in Capricorn February 8 restores the mood to get in touch with more people who share common interests.

Vasilis Kanatas

Delphi, Greece, January 20, 2016