Which stars were you really born under? The true story!


In the article Which stars were you really born under?  presented by Dara O Brian we read truths and half-truths or inaccuracies!

1. Truth: the Zodiac sign of 86% of people on Earth has changed! And this is due to the Precession of the Equinoxes. An astronomical phenomenon that affects Astrology.

2. Half Truth (1st Inaccuracy): Find your zodiac sign with the implementation of the BBC applet on the same web page. eg Capricorn 21/1 to 16/2.
The truth here is slightly different from that presented by the otherwise objective and defenders of science editors of the BBC. The dates when the Sun enters the 13 Zodiacal Constellations change every year because:
a. There are leap years that interpolate a day 

every four years. 

b. The Precession of the Equinoxes still moves the Celestial Dome in relation to our Earth by about six hours every year!
So while in the year 2014 the Sun was in Capricorn from January 20, 00:20 to February 16 , 11:00 (hours GMT), in 2015 it was from January 20, 06:40 to February 16, 17:10 GMT. If six hours in one year seem to be few, imagine that four years give us a day of change. By counting leap years we are jumping one day back, and things get complicated. Fortunately all this work is done by Computers today!
If a conclusion derives from this process this is that now we need accuracy which can only be provided by the official websites of 13 Zodiac Astrology and their applets:
Find your true Zodiac Sign 
Birth horoscope of 13 Zodiac Astrology

3. Truth: The zodiac Circle contains 13 Zodiac Signs. The 12 already known plus Ophiuchus. Ancient Greeks probably removed Ophiuchus from the zodiac circle for symmetry reasons, perhaps for other reasons we do not know yet. One thing is certain, Ophiuchus is a zodiac Sign and the Sun travels 18 days of its annual course into his territory. This from November 29/30 to December 17/18. So today Astrology must be updated to tell the whole truth to the people. Be sure that this branch of knowledge will survive with the new data because it arises from the interaction of nature and of our planetary system with humans. In addition 13 Zodiac Astrology with her forecasts is here to replace the Palaiolithic Tropical Astrology's predictions and theories.

Vasilis Kanatas

Delphi, March 29, 2015