The Sun transits to Ophiuchus on November 30

Image by Star Walk App


As it happens every year, the Sun moves from Scorpio into Ophiuchus at the end of November. This year the transition will take place on November 30 at 10:00 GMT. The Sun will remain in this zodiac Sign for about 18 days, until December 18 at 17:20 GMT. The passage of the Sun from Ophiuchus has caused major changes in the system of Astrology as now the Zodiac Signs are 13.

Secondly, the dates the Sun enters therein have changed greatly and continue to change annually because of the precession of the equinoxes that continues normally. Everyone now can calculate his/her true zodiac Sign as well as the positions of the other planets in the Sky under the new theory of 13 Zodiac Astrology. Click here to Find your true Zodiac Sign.
Look in this website to find your birth horoscope with your new  13 Zodiac Birth Chart. Read the article for the  Moon, the New Ascendant of modern Astrology. Astrology is changing and we must consider it appropriate that it is based on Sciences more than ever now!


Vasilis Kanatas
Delphi, Greece
November 29, 2015