Astrology on Saturn and the other planets


Saturn and its moons. Far behind, to the right, our Sun.


As inhabitants of this planet we tend to see everything geocentric. This indeed was one of the biggest problems in the history of sciences and beyond. Astronomy was the science who paid the highest price in the arena of the geocentric looking of all things. So let's get away from the geocentric pattern and let's try to imagine our civilization on another planet!

How would it be if we were on Jupiter or Saturn; On another planet in another star in our galaxy? On another planet and star but on galaxy M81 in Ursa Major?
Lets try to find out with the help of Astronomy.

If we were on Saturn we would be more ...


 concerned about its rings and the 62 known moons rather than with the planets of our Solar System and the far distant Sun! In this case we would be talking about Astrology of Saturn's moons!
The zodiac constellations would be more or less the same since Saturn orbits around the Sun at an angle of 2,5° in respect to the ecliptic.
A similar picture we would have if we were on Jupiter. With many moons and the same zodiac constellations since the slope of the plane Jupiter to the ecliptic is only 1,3°. For Mars and Venus the zodiac constellations would remain the same as the angle of the orbits of these planets are 1,85 ° and 3,39 ° respectively. Venus has no Moon, hence we would be dealing with the other planets as we do now! Mars has 2 moons and its Astrological system would be more complecated than ours!
On another planet in another star in our galaxy the date would radically change for the zodiac constellations, as they would be non-identifiable because of the changing in location and angle. If the star was near us we would see probably many common stars and few known Zodiac Signs.

Galaxy M81 in Ursa Majoris

But if our planet was in the galaxy M81 in Ursa Major, then we would see other stars and other Zodiac constellations. All the visible stars around us are only in our galaxy! Thus we assume that the same would be applied on the M81 Star and planet.
But some kind of influence of other neighboring planets and the main star of this planet would remain the same!!