Astronomy for Astrologers in November sky


Many have tried to explain the motion of the celestial dome to people who have small background in astronomy, and most often the student stays the same ignorant as before!

So let us begin from the beginning! As the Earth is spherical, the same is valid for the sky around the Earth, and this is a matter of perspective!

Let us take as an assumption to make things easier. Let's say that the Earth is not spinning around itself within 24 hours, but remains stationary with the Sun over our heads! Let's say it does only make the annual motion around the Sun in 365 days. What we see then is that the Sun is moving slowly, at a rate of 1 degree per day to the East !!

So if we are in N. Hemisphere and look to the south the Sun moves slowly to the left!


Watch the video animeison where every second the Sun moves as much as in a single day! The movement is stopped to become understood, how much space is covered in 24 hours. The movements of the Moon and planets are also on a daily basis!
The planets move also to the left on different rates (except those that are in retrograde orbit and go to the right)
The Moon moves at a rate of 13.3 degrees per day to the left!

Note also that the Sun enters to Scorpio on November 23 and on November 30 in Ophiuchus. New Moon takes place on November 22.

The above assumption simplifies the movements of celestial bodies. If we add the daily rotation of the Earth things become complicated. All bodies rise and set, therefore it is almost impossible to see in an abstract way the annual movements of the Sun and planets ..