Pisces 13

Pisces 13


Born from 11/12 March to 18/19 of April (the date changes slightly depending on the year, see the tables on the left menu for more accuracy)
Pisces 13 includes part of the old Piscean, born from 12 to 20 March. Almost all the rest, born from March 21 to April 20, are former Aries.

The Pisces are the new leaders of the zodiac and this has implications for their multifaceted and versatile characters. Something that distinguishes them from their old sign is less selfishness and more positivity in the fields of their interest . Otherwise they are equally impulsive and passionate about the various manifestations and gifts of life.
Pisceans are polite, affable and frivolous. Their mind creates ideas and innovations and most have courage to implement new proposals against the public mind.
To some extent the two Pisces of the mark of their zodiac sign represent their two opposite and different natures that are difficult to reconcile. But, the compromise of opposites is their strong trump that they manage to use for building, in a unique way, friendships and relationships.

Aries 13

Aries 13,


Born from 18/19 April to 13/14 May (the date changes slightly depending on the year, see the tables on the left menu for more accuracy)
Aries 13, comprises part of the old Aries, born between 18 and 20 April. Almost everyone else, born from April 21 to 13/14 May are old Taureans.

The New Aries is the sign that has been taken the biggest shock because of the change from the driver's seat of the Zodiac. This position is now rightfully for Pisces 13 because they contain the intersection of the celestial equator and the ecliptic, which is the apparent path of the Sun in the sky. Only some of them born from 18 to 20 April 20 remain Aries.
The new feature of Aries 13 Zodiac Sign is stability. It's also its implacable resistance to the attacks of people considered as "friends".
They have persistence to their goals and logic to direct them. Other virtues are willfulness and refusal of failure. They seek security by staying true to the traditions and manifest possessiveness in a clumsy sometimes way. The daily pick of occupations they enjoy does not spoil them. They love material possessions but their values are above them. They are good parents and loyal companions.
Their straightforwardness and honesty can sometimes put them in a difficult position even though this does not seem to worry them so much. For them it is important to defend their perspective. But in this way they immediately earn the trust of others.

Taurus 13

Taurus 13,


Born from 13/14 May to 20/21 June (the date changes slightly depending on the year , see the tables on the left menu for greater accuracy)
Taurus 13 includes part of the old Taurus, born from 13/14 to May 21. Almost everyone else, born from May 22 to June 21, are former Geminis.

The main feature of the Taurus 13 Zodiac Sign is that they're easily adapted to the environment in order to have fun in their lives . They want dialogue and mutual contact and have maintained their attachment to the Earth, traditions and customs of their homeland. Their pragmatism is ideal, as well as their abilities to negotiate that can hide some cunning to the ultimate achieve of their goals.
Another element of Taurus 13 is the balance of emotions along with the tenacity and perseverance.
They like the good life, good food as well as good outfit. They have obstinacy as a metaphorical image of their zodiac sign, Taurus, and when they believe in something they believe deeply in it!

Gemini 13

Gemini 13


Born from 20/21 of June to 20/21 of July (the date changes slightly depending on the year , see the tables on the left menu for more accuracy)
Gemini 13 Zodiac include a few old Geminis, born on June 21. Almost everyone else, born from June 22 to July 21, are old Cancers .

Gemini 13 are sensitive, impulsive and sometimes unrestrained. Defending the weak with courtesy. In their personal lives are impressionable and vulnerable. Show compassion and not just in difficult situations. They are guided from their instincts which they trust almost blindly. Their affection is walking side by side with their skepticism and suspicion.
When holding positions of power are transformed into hard negotiators. They yearn a calm and balanced life although many contrasting emotions contradict their desires.
Many times waiting to be served all ready to dish, although they are sincere and honest hard workers and confessors of truth within them .
Along with Pisces is the zodiac Sign that have dual nature and dual energy. The struggle of opposites is strong as every virtue contains as a semen its opposite idea. Their life is a perpetual struggle between plus and minus, good and evil and should or shouldn't!. Hence, every obstacle they surpass has double value to them.

Cancer 13

Cancer 13


Born from July 20/21 to Augustus 9/10 (the date changes slightly depending on the year, see the tables on the left menu for more accuracy)
Cancer 13 Zodiac Sign contains a few old Cancers born on 20 and 21 of July. Almost all the rest, born from July 22 to August 10, are old Lions.

Cancer 13 is enthusiastic and positive to the extent that severs relations with the old sign that bears his name. The new armor of the Crab - Cancer - is the joyous mood with resistance to life's hardships. He has the courage of its convictions and could reach the threshold of drama to support his friends.
He has a strong personality and generously shares what he holds to people he trusts.
To some extent, however, believes that his strong armor will protect him from the cruelty and hypocrisy of the world.
He firmly believes in his ideals and hardly influenced by others. His options are rather predictable in life but not boring or monotonous ... Sometimes he likes to go, like a crab, upside down in the stream and fully enjoying it!

Leo 13

Leo 13


Born from August 9/10 to September 16/17 (the date changes slightly depending on the year, see the tables on the left menu for greater accuracy)
Leo 13 Zodiac Sign includes many former Leos, born from 9/10 to 23 of August. Almost everyone else, born from August 24 to September 16/17 are former Virgos.

Leos 13 are skillful in their field and have organizational nature. They are gentle, honest and responsible. Especially those born between 9 and August 23 are modest and have control of their emotions.
They have leadership tendencies and cultivate their spirit without flashiness in order to respond to the growing social needs and managerial positions they dream for themselves.
The pursuit of legitimacy and virtue, is a component of their character. Along with high social positions they are font of high reputation, decency and outspokenness.
They are individuals that shine and make a strong presence wherever they are found ..

Virgo 13

Virgo 13,


Born from September 16/17 to October 30/31 (the date changes slightly depending on the year , see the tables on the left menu for more accuracy)
Virgo 13 Zodiac Sign includes old Virgos, born from 16/17 to 22 of September. Also all old Libra from September 23 to October 23 and last, old Scorpions from 24 to 30/31 of October.

Virgo 13 is the largest of the zodiac signs in the sky and the Sun travels no less than 44 days in it! Virgos are thus characterized mainly by the search and pursuit of harmony in their lives. They know more than the other zodiac signs what to avoid and what is to be achieved in order to fulfill their aspirations. They are first to perceive any imbalance in human relationships and especially their relatives and with skill and courage, when possible, they move to restore the balance ! One of their disadvantages is their Weakness and indecision in the face of difficult choices posed by life . Paradoxically, their judgement is acute, which contradicts any inhibitions.
They make strong friendships and move comfortably in a company after fully digesting its philosophy. They are practical to the extent necessary for their harmonious coexistence in work and society in general.

Libra 13

Libra 13


Born From October 30/31 to November 22/23 (the date changes slightly depending on the year , see the tables on the left menu for greater accuracy)
Libra Zodiac 13, includes former Scorpions , born of 30/31 October to 22 November.

Libran 13 have more balance in their life and characteristics in relation to the old Libra. Every Libra is a psychologist and balancer and sees clearly within human relationships. Librans are selective and leery clarifying what they take and what the leave in life. They understand the essentials of a problem though sometimes mistaken from its purity.
Libra 13 people have great psychic abilities but also difficulty to control their passions. They enjoy citizenship and social recognition. They don't like to be unfair to anyone and require that other people treat them with respect, as they do with others.
They may like the balance but they are not going to sacrifice everything for it. Their friends have great influence on them ..

Scorpio 13

Scorpio 13


Born from November 22/23 to 29/30 (the date changes slightly depending on the year , see the tables on the left menu for greater accuracy)
Scorpio 13 includes few old Scorpions, born on November 22. The rest are former Sagittarians born from November 23 to 29/30. This Zodiac Sign covers only 6.5 days of the Ecliptic.

Scorpio 13 are ebullient and extrovert. They have a genera positive attitude to life and give emphasis on entertainment. They are free spirits and will give their opinion even if hurt their fellows. The excesses and adventures are part of their soul although generally they seek to have good relations with the social environment.
Scorpio 13 are therefore velvet Rebels compromised with their turbulent habits to the extent they don't affect those they love. Many times they show insensitivity to what happens next to them, being persons of many contrasts !

Ophiuchus 13

Ophiuchus 13,


Born from November 29/30 to December 17/18 (the date changes slightly depending on the year , see the tables on the left menu for greater accuracy)
Ophiuchus 13 includes only former Sagittarians born from November 29/ 30 to December 17/18.

Ophiuchus 13 is the 13th Sign of the Zodiac and tends to challenge everyone and everything. Ophiuchians like looking for the inner causes. To investigate the underlying details of things. They have an inclination towards complication rather than simplification of situations. They are genuine, simple and unfeigned . In their nature it is to avoid commitment but also the independence of views. They fit to the role of the therapist and the analyzer of difficult psychological circumstances. When they make mistakes they do repair them with honesty, hence the name Ophiuchus = one who heals his mistakes and improves through his/her rehabilitation both intellectually and physically.
Apart from the role of the therapist, that of the teacher fits them too, not on the social norms but on their own ground-breaking ideas. Only the invocation and reference of your sign can upset your companies !

Sagittarius 13

Sagittarius 13,


Born from December 17/18 to January 19/20 (the date changes slightly depending on the year, see the tables on the left menu for more accuracy)
Sagittarius 13 includes former Sagittarians born of December 17/18 to December 21 and mainly old Capricorns born from December 22 to January 19/20.

Sagittarius 13 are responsible and accountable for their actions with large doses of ambition. Not afraid of the consequences of their works. They are mainly timid of their opinions and can distinguish the control of situations that are under their jurisdiction. They are patient but hide inside them doses of impulsivity that may pull down the confidence to their face.
The pursuit of a theoretical ideal is in the depth of their thought. Both conformism and formalism spoil the image of the pioneer person they wish to show.
Sagittarius 13 negative aspects are insecurity and suspicion ..

Capricorn 13

Capricorn 13


Born from January 19/20 to February 15/16 (the date changes slightly depending on the year, see the tables on the left menu for greater accuracy)
Capricorn 13, contains a few old Capricorns born on 19 and 20 January and many former Aquarians born from January 21 to February 15/16.

A key element of Capricorn is idealism with the philosophical sense of the word. That is, making a perfect image for life and tries to approach it methodically, step by step.
Other features are the selflessness and the uprising as a basis for social change. They are peculiar, unconventional and often use extreme methods to conquer their goals. They are largely impartial and towed by sciences and the unexpected.
The old Capricorn was considered a negative sign, since it had Saturn as its ruler. In 13 Zodiac Astrology we consider no more this anachronistic attitude of tying the fortune of a sign with the good or bad figure of a planet. Thus Capricorn is hardly a negative sign, otherwise, considered Progressive and with revolutionary ideas ..

Aquarius 13

Aquarius 13


Born from February 15/16 to March 11/12 (the date changes slightly depending on the year , see the tables on the left menu for more accuracy)
Aquarius 13 includes some old Aquarians from 15/16 to 18 February and many former Pisces born from February 19 to March 11/12.

The main feature of Aquarians is the imagination in every facet of their life. They also have compassion and torque towards protecting the weak peoples of the planet as well as the environment and animals. They are expressive and outspoken and their ideals of a just society are a key part of their believes ! On a practical level they have questions when facing difficult situations and are receptive to dialogue, changing easily view if this is documented by their interlocutors. Always give basis to the arguments and scientific data .
Aquarians 13 are also dreamers and attracted by the transcendental and the strange. In discussions accept logic without delay. They are sentimental, emotional and loyal to family values .

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The Sun transited to Aries on April 18, 2016


The Sun enters to the sign of Aries on Monday, April 18, where he will remain for approximately 26 days. Mercury is already in Aries. On April 29 Venus enters to Aries and Mercury starts its Retrograde course in the same Zodiac Sign. All three celestial bodies with contradictory meanings coexist in the limits of the Constellation bringing different emotions and views regarding the facts of life.

The Sun will remain in Aries until May 14, at 00:50 GMT.

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