The Sun transited to Aries on April 18, 2016


The Sun enters to the sign of Aries on Monday, April 18, where he will remain for approximately 26 days. Mercury is already in Aries. On April 29 Venus enters to Aries and Mercury starts its Retrograde course in the same Zodiac Sign. All three celestial bodies with contradictory meanings coexist in the limits of the Constellation bringing different emotions and views regarding the facts of life.

The Sun will remain in Aries until May 14, at 00:50 GMT.

On April 22 there's Full Moon in Virgo. To the left of the full moon (as we look to the South), within Ophiuchus Constellation, we'll see Mars and Saturn.

On May 7, New Moon in Aries.

On April 30, retrograde Mars leaves Ophiuchus and re-enters Scorpio.

One day before the departure of the Sun towards Taurus, retrograde Mercury meets Venus in Aries.

Happy Aries days.