Virgo 13

Virgo 13,


Born from September 16/17 to October 30/31 (the date changes slightly depending on the year , see the tables on the left menu for more accuracy)
Virgo 13 Zodiac Sign includes old Virgos, born from 16/17 to 22 of September. Also all old Libra from September 23 to October 23 and last, old Scorpions from 24 to 30/31 of October.

Virgo 13 is the largest of the zodiac signs in the sky and the Sun travels no less than 44 days in it! Virgos are thus characterized mainly by the search and pursuit of harmony in their lives. They know more than the other zodiac signs what to avoid and what is to be achieved in order to fulfill their aspirations. They are first to perceive any imbalance in human relationships and especially their relatives and with skill and courage, when possible, they move to restore the balance ! One of their disadvantages is their Weakness and indecision in the face of difficult choices posed by life . Paradoxically, their judgement is acute, which contradicts any inhibitions.
They make strong friendships and move comfortably in a company after fully digesting its philosophy. They are practical to the extent necessary for their harmonious coexistence in work and society in general.