Ophiuchus 13

Ophiuchus 13,


Born from November 29/30 to December 17/18 (the date changes slightly depending on the year , see the tables on the left menu for greater accuracy)
Ophiuchus 13 includes only former Sagittarians born from November 29/ 30 to December 17/18.

Ophiuchus 13 is the 13th Sign of the Zodiac and tends to challenge everyone and everything. Ophiuchians like looking for the inner causes. To investigate the underlying details of things. They have an inclination towards complication rather than simplification of situations. They are genuine, simple and unfeigned . In their nature it is to avoid commitment but also the independence of views. They fit to the role of the therapist and the analyzer of difficult psychological circumstances. When they make mistakes they do repair them with honesty, hence the name Ophiuchus = one who heals his mistakes and improves through his/her rehabilitation both intellectually and physically.
Apart from the role of the therapist, that of the teacher fits them too, not on the social norms but on their own ground-breaking ideas. Only the invocation and reference of your sign can upset your companies !