Sagittarius 13

Sagittarius 13,


Born from December 17/18 to January 19/20 (the date changes slightly depending on the year, see the tables on the left menu for more accuracy)
Sagittarius 13 includes former Sagittarians born of December 17/18 to December 21 and mainly old Capricorns born from December 22 to January 19/20.

Sagittarius 13 are responsible and accountable for their actions with large doses of ambition. Not afraid of the consequences of their works. They are mainly timid of their opinions and can distinguish the control of situations that are under their jurisdiction. They are patient but hide inside them doses of impulsivity that may pull down the confidence to their face.
The pursuit of a theoretical ideal is in the depth of their thought. Both conformism and formalism spoil the image of the pioneer person they wish to show.
Sagittarius 13 negative aspects are insecurity and suspicion ..