Taurus 13

Taurus 13,


Born from 13/14 May to 20/21 June (the date changes slightly depending on the year , see the tables on the left menu for greater accuracy)
Taurus 13 includes part of the old Taurus, born from 13/14 to May 21. Almost everyone else, born from May 22 to June 21, are former Geminis.

The main feature of the Taurus 13 Zodiac Sign is that they're easily adapted to the environment in order to have fun in their lives . They want dialogue and mutual contact and have maintained their attachment to the Earth, traditions and customs of their homeland. Their pragmatism is ideal, as well as their abilities to negotiate that can hide some cunning to the ultimate achieve of their goals.
Another element of Taurus 13 is the balance of emotions along with the tenacity and perseverance.
They like the good life, good food as well as good outfit. They have obstinacy as a metaphorical image of their zodiac sign, Taurus, and when they believe in something they believe deeply in it!

Aries 13

Aries 13,


Born from 18/19 April to 13/14 May (the date changes slightly depending on the year, see the tables on the left menu for more accuracy)
Aries 13, comprises part of the old Aries, born between 18 and 20 April. Almost everyone else, born from April 21 to 13/14 May are old Taureans.

The New Aries is the sign that has been taken the biggest shock because of the change from the driver's seat of the Zodiac. This position is now rightfully for Pisces 13 because they contain the intersection of the celestial equator and the ecliptic, which is the apparent path of the Sun in the sky. Only some of them born from 18 to 20 April 20 remain Aries.
The new feature of Aries 13 Zodiac Sign is stability. It's also its implacable resistance to the attacks of people considered as "friends".
They have persistence to their goals and logic to direct them. Other virtues are willfulness and refusal of failure. They seek security by staying true to the traditions and manifest possessiveness in a clumsy sometimes way. The daily pick of occupations they enjoy does not spoil them. They love material possessions but their values are above them. They are good parents and loyal companions.
Their straightforwardness and honesty can sometimes put them in a difficult position even though this does not seem to worry them so much. For them it is important to defend their perspective. But in this way they immediately earn the trust of others.

Pisces 13

Pisces 13


Born from 11/12 March to 18/19 of April (the date changes slightly depending on the year, see the tables on the left menu for more accuracy)
Pisces 13 includes part of the old Piscean, born from 12 to 20 March. Almost all the rest, born from March 21 to April 20, are former Aries.

The Pisces are the new leaders of the zodiac and this has implications for their multifaceted and versatile characters. Something that distinguishes them from their old sign is less selfishness and more positivity in the fields of their interest . Otherwise they are equally impulsive and passionate about the various manifestations and gifts of life.
Pisceans are polite, affable and frivolous. Their mind creates ideas and innovations and most have courage to implement new proposals against the public mind.
To some extent the two Pisces of the mark of their zodiac sign represent their two opposite and different natures that are difficult to reconcile. But, the compromise of opposites is their strong trump that they manage to use for building, in a unique way, friendships and relationships.

13 Signs Traits

Let us make our position clear, the 13 Zodiac Signs describe some of our general characteristics, it is impossible to fit in a few lines of text our psychology, talents, selfishness and our dreams. Each single person is different and the only way to make a personalized astrological portrait is the Natal Horoscope containing the positions and aspects of the Sun, the main planets and the New Ascendant, the Moon. But again in your Natal Horoscope you may only find some of your features and many more potentialities that can be realized, or not. Man, as the only being who is aware of its existence and the ability to philosophize, is trying in vain to convience others in describing himself. The position of modern Astrology is therefore very difficult as a discipline for describing a greedy, concerning its self-awareness, being. This task is mentaly impossible. Only approximately and gnostically searching can we act, and this is what we will do starting with the description of the 13 Zodiac Signs. More information on how one can deal with the subject, can be found in my book "Astrology of the 13 Signs of the Zodiac".

Pisces 13 Born from 11/12 March to 18/19 of April

(the date changes slightly depending on the year, see the tables on the left menu for more accuracy)

Aries 13 Born from 18/19 April to 13/14 May

Taurus 13 Born from 13/14 May to 20/21 June

Gemini 13 Born from 20/21 of June to 20/21 of July

Cancer 13 Born from July 20/21 to Augustus 9/10

Leo 13 Born from August 9/10 to September 16/17

Virgo 13 Born from September 16/17 to October 30/31

Libra 13 Born From October 30/31 to November 22/23

Scorpio 13 Born from November 22/23 to November 29/30

Ophiuchus 13 Born from November 29/30 to December 17/18

Sagittarius 13 Born from December 17/18 to January 19/20

Capricorn 13 Born from January 19/20 to February 15/16

Aquarius 13 Born from February 15/16 to March 11/12

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