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Taurus (14 May – 19 June)

It seems to be all or nothing Taurus. Life is good and you want to enjoy this moment to its fullest and will expect certain people around you to feel the same too. Drama plays a key role in your personal relationships as you expect your loved ones to share your intensity and desires. You need to rein in your passions and express yourself more creatively. Watch out for 'being in love with the idea love' and being over extravagant. Others may not be on the same wavelength as you. You do have the ability to compromise, so slow down and see where others are at. Communications play a key role around the New Moon on the 21st August, but as Mercury is retrograding through your 4th house of home and family, old feelings of what made you feel secure in the past resurface and influences your way of thinking. Although pleasant, you must let go of these old feelings to allow for new growth in your new situation. You may feel that the needs of others are holding you back from fully enjoying the moment. Beware of illusions and open your eyes to your present reality. Relationships will become more stable around the Full Moon on the 6th September.


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RaStar – Kim Lovelace, London August 11, 2017

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