Gemini Horoscope

Horoscopes for the Season of Leo

Gemini (20 June – 20 July)

You are eager to share your thoughts with others as this season of Leo begins Gemini and people are attracted to your calm and caring nature. You have a strong urge for more knowledge and are open minded to the opinions of others. However, you must beware of being seduced into other peoples ideas and continue to find your own truth. Your quest is to learn different ways of interacting and communicating with others, especially since they are all coming from different levels of experience, this in turn will teach you how to adapt to different perspectives whilst holding onto your own views. You may worry too much about what other people think around the New Moon on the 21st August, you have much to say but your thoughts are too repetitive which blocks you from expressing your own point of view. You must develop structure in your way of thinking. It is important that you develop boundaries and create your own set of values. Mercury is retrograding through your 3rd house of communications and you are likely to be over analytical in your way of thinking. The Full Moon on the 6th September urges you to slow down and focus on your own needs, you are so eager to pass on the new information coming in, that you become detached from your present reality. You cant expect others to achieve what you cannot! Grounding exercises will be of help.

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