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Cancer (21 July – 9 Aug)

You are yearning to escape your responsibilities Cancer and are feeling a little inhibited when it comes to giving your time to others. You could even be resenting it! You have a strong need for independence and want to do things in your own way, but you will need self discipline to reach your goals and patience in finding time to have your own space. Symbols and the mysteries are very appealing to you, watch out for signs and take note of them. The New Moon on the 21st August shows that your financial situation is unstable which further creates a lack of emotional security and feelings of inadequacy. Old wounds from the past may surface now to be healed. Mercury is retrograding through your 3rd house of communications, you are having great difficulty in expressing yourself at this time and family problems may be the cause of your inhibitions through a fear of saying the wrong thing. The Full Moon on the 6th September brings in a much better frame of mind although emotionally you are still feeling overwhelmed. You need to find a balance between being assertive and being too giving. You can create a balance in your life by avoiding negative people or bad habits. Work on your core strength to create your own inner security.

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