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Pisces (12 Mar – 18 Apr)

Are you putting others before yourself Pisces? You have a great insight into the higher realms of consciousness and can come to terms with your past misfortunes by rising above them with spiritual understanding. Old wounds from the past have been surfacing for some time now and you have managed them well on a soul level. Now its time to heal your heart, this may leave you feeling detached and insecure about your own self worth. You must follow your own mind and not allow other peoples opinions to lead you astray. The New Moon on the 21st August emphasises the need for you to develop your own insight as you are more vulnerable to being distracted by others thoughts and opinions. Analyse why you are so eager to follow them, ask yourself what it is that you are trying to escape from. Yourself? Ask yourself why you can make decisions for others but not for yourself. The Full Moon on the 6th September again emphasises the need for you to develop your own perspective. Spending time alone may help you to research and develop your own answers, don't allow your lack of self confidence get in the way, respect your own creativity and finish what you start. This will help you to build your confidence and self esteem.

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