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Aries (19 Apr – 13 May)

You must use a clear perspective when it comes to expressing your thoughts and ideas Aries, otherwise you can come across as forceful which will create clashes with those around you. You have a strong urge to break free from your present situation and live out your fantasies. Beware of self delusion and 'be aware' that you could live to regret decisions based on impulsive actions. The New Moon on the 21st August highlights your need for new and exciting adventures and you can achieve much in your own individual way if you have heeded the advice above. You are torn between your need to be loved and your desire to be your own person; commitment issues need to be dealt with. Mercury retrograding through your 5th house of creativity causes you to fantasise about your ambitions. Actions speak louder than words! Around the Full Moon on the 6th September you are still at odds with your self expression, you are having difficulty in being assertive and need to adjust your view of the world; stepping into other peoples shoes may help you to see things from a different perspective. It may be that you have to give up on a personal dream to develop self discipline. Set yourself a challenge on a more realistic level.

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