Scorpio Horoscope

Horoscopes for the Season of Leo

Scorpio (23 Nov – 29 Nov)

Its like taking one step forwards and two steps back as this season of Leo begins Scorpio. You want change but resist it at the same time. You need to be true to yourself and make the most of the opportunities that come your way rather than control them and make them fit into what you think they should be. You are digging your heels in too deep and as a result, are blocking and depriving yourself of the joy you deserve. You need to go within and build on your inner strength and self esteem to find solid ground. The New Moon on the 21st August indicates obsessive thoughts which needs to surface so that you can analyse them in the true light of day. Are your motives based on what you want or what you need? You must look beyond the trivialities and focus on the reality of your situation. Compromise will be needed. Things will become much clearer around the the Full Moon on the 6th September and your life will start moving forward again although, you may still feel insecure. Have faith in yourself and allow the opportunities for some real growth to happen both internally and externally.


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RaStar – Kim Lovelace, London August 11, 2017


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