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Horoscopes for the Season of Leo

Sagittarius(18 Dec – 18 Jan)

You are keen to share your thoughts and ideas with others as this season of Leo begins Sagittarius. You have a gift for listening to others and putting them at ease with sound advice. You have a way of creating good opportunities for yourself and can be balanced and successful if you can hold onto your self discipline and focus. Your usual sense of optimism is lacking and this is probably due to your present ideals which don't blend in with you present reality. You need to be willing to adapt them. Patience is the key word around the New Moon on the 21st August. You are eager to change certain aspects of your life but you cant expect these changes to happen overnight, which in turn causes you much discontent and difficulties within your relationships. Introspection is always good but too much of it can create a lot of confusion. You will start to feel the affects of the changes you seek around the Full Moon on the 6th September and it is at this time that you will realise that you need to let go of your old ways of thinking to allow in the new. You may find it difficult to express yourself or feel blocked by your present circumstances, your challenge is to maintain patience whilst trudging over rocky ground.


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RaStar – Kim Lovelace, London August 11, 2017

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