Full Moon in Sagittarius 19th July 2016


RaStar 13 Star Sign Astrology
(Using the constellation of Ophiuchus)
Kim Lovelace

The Full Moon takes place on the 19th July 2016 at 23:59 GMT.

The Moon in Sagittarius is an expansive and masculine energy who needs to be free to speak his mind; his truth according to his own concepts. Whilst friendly, gregarious and optimistic, we cant count on the promises he makes because 9 times out of 10 he's not going to keep them. The Sagittarius Moon by nature is a dabbler and finds it hard to commit to anything. His optimsim and cheerfulness attracts many people towards him from all walks of life he is the researcher of culture but follows his own path that has been instilled from young and one in which he has adapted to fit in with his own personal aims and goals.

As the Full Moon in Sagittarius reaches its peak, a YOD aspect forms in our sky not long after, which involves Neptune conjunct South Node, both in sextile to Pluto, with Mercury and Venus in their firing line. This configuration is showing us what needs to be released and asks us to take a look at our behaviour, our attitudes and our circumstances. It also shows us that the theme is very much focused on politics, mass consciousness, underground institutions and global organisations, which all revolve around widespread conflict, political issues and collective ideals. It is time for us to work out what is not working for us anymore and to not waste time and effort on planning things that are way out of our reach.

The YOD aspect also forewarns us of the suffering that will take place, through innacurate perceptions and in trying to achieve the unachievable through naïve confidence and confusion. The message that these Planets are giving us, is that self love and expressing love can be our only salvation, but our natural abilitiy to recognise this is blocked by bad advice and a compulsive nature. Mankinds behaviour as a whole is not yet mature enough on a conscious level to fulfill the evolutionary progress that is needed.

Growth requires an honest approach in facing our fears and self imposed boundaries, as the Planets emphasise the need for us to develop unconditional love and inner healing, so that we can develop inner strength and mature thinking. This is the only way we can survive in a world full of greed and sorrow. The fear of failure and how others see us, just makes us vulnerable to being pulled into situations that just create more mayhem and burden, as the general feeling is, that there is no other way..... We must recognise that 'harsh judgements' are too severe for us to make intelligent progress and compulsive behaviour can only lead us into defeat.

Much effort is needed for us to respond to events in a caring and humanitarian way, so that we can transcend our own boundaries to bring people together and truly connect with our environment. This is the only way to make use of the abundant energy thats coming in, rather then waste it on an immature urge for excitement and disruptive behaviour. This is what the oppressor's want, division and upheaval to keep us off balance. We must slow down and take a moment to face the reality of the bigger picture.

Life is changing in dramatic ways and we are left struggling to find our place in this world, inner peace is eluded as we find it difficult to relax and live in the present. We need to
R-evolutionise our outlook and make peace with ourselves and each other.

We must not act out of pain or anger, but come together in unity, prayer and love. We must raise consciousness and develop 'faith' amidst the chaos. We need to realease our ego's and act in righteous love. Our bodies are our temples and the truth is in our hearts.


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