Full Super Moon 15/16th October 2016


Please Note: 13 Star Sign Astrology is an ancient form of Astrology that hasn’t been used for over 2000 years. It is based on the true astronomical data of the Planets and includes the constellation of Ophiuchus (Serpentarius) who also sits on the ecliptic. So the Star Sign I am referring to may be in the previous Star Sign compared to the more traditional forms of Astrology. Our ancestors used this system of Astrology for many centuries until the map was redesigned for agricultural reasons and because it didn’t allow movement for the precession of the equinox’s or use the true sizes of the constellations, this map has been out of date for many, many years.

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The Full Super Moon reaches its peak on the 16th October 2016 at 05:25 am GMT in Pisces.

This Full Super Moon causes the psychic and sensitive Piscean energy to be even more emotionally hyper than normal and that is really saying something since Pisces is the most sensitive of all zodiac signs. It is so important for the Piscean Moon, to develop and strengthen their sensitive natures, so that they don’t become vulnerable to the manipulation of others. Pisceans in general have vivid imaginations that can be genius when channelled into poetry, music and art. This is such a good release for them to drain their excess psychic energy, by directing it into something visible to gain a clear perspective of their inner thoughts and feelings. The Piscean Moon is kind and sympathetic because of their sensitivity to the feelings of others, but they can be easily hurt and develop a persecution complex as a result. It is very important that they work on their inner core strength and toughen up on their perspective regarding society, without losing their beautiful compassion. When seriously afflicted the Pisces Moon may become neurotic with an irrational dominance by the unconscious mind and this may be the theme this Full Moon.

This Full Moon will leave most of us highly sensitive and vulnerable to the energies of our environments, depending on what part of your natal chart Pisces sits in, is the area of your life that this energy will mostly affect. Conjunct Uranus brings in a very erratic and irritable vibe, causing some to act impulsively and unexpectedly. Sudden changes may take place under this aspect as well as the strange and unusual. The good side to this conjunction between the Pisces Moon and Uranus is that it can give us an ability to be resourceful and creative. But negatively, can cause extreme emotional erratic behaviour.

Relationships will be an issue this Full Moon where a loss of connection with our partners occurs, or outside interference rocks the boat. Watch out for a lack of mutual understanding which can become very frustrating and leave one or the other feeling emotionally unfulfilled or unsatisfied. Feathers are ruffled and inequalities within relationships are more noticeable than usual. There will be a strong need for one to be noticed as an individual in some way, or where ones needs are not being met and resistance is experienced by the other. There is a danger of relationships becoming a battle of wills where the aim will be for each to dominate their level of importance over the other. There is also a strong desire to connect on a deeper soul level, but an even stronger desire to be accepted as an independent.

The White Moon Selena is shining her light on truth and reveals our true emotions. She warns that we must be careful to create good karma for ourselves by being honest in a positive and respectful way. We must think before we act, take time out for solitude and deep thought before we make any decisions that will affect us and those around us. This would be a wise thing to do under the present climate because anything we do out of impulse will have a long term effect on our lives.

The Black Moon Lilith is in Virgo this Full Moon casting her shadow of ability and fear of failure. We must not judge others by our own flaws or failures and not be excessive in our behaviour and demands. We need to learn to love ourselves unconditionally and not indirectly punish ourselves by alienating others or making them feel like they are not good enough.

Meditations this Full Moon should be centred on our Heart Chakra’s and Solar Plexus Chakra’s. Strengthening these areas will help to keep us grounded and in balance as the energies coming in are very emotional, psychic and erratic.

For opening and balancing the Heart Chakra I would suggest burning a green candle and incense, either Sandalwood or rose. Also, surrounding ourselves with the colour green and using the affirmation.... “I am an infinite being full of divine love”, would be beneficial. Include lots of green vegetables into your diet, Spinach, kale and broccoli. Play meditation music, ‘Tibetan Singing Bowls’ would be ideal.

For strengthening our Solar Plexus Chakra, I would suggest meditating on a Yellow Sun flower or surrounding ourselves with the colour Yellow. Burn a yellow candle and citrus incense. The element of fire is a good element to work with for the Solar Plexus, as well as drinking lots of water for balance. Use the affirmation.... “I am confident in all that I do; I am successful and release my creative energy into this reality, effortlessly.” Include into your diet, Bananas, sunflower seeds, as well as ginger, turmeric, cumin, mint either as a food or a drink, camomile tea would be good too.

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