Full Super Moon – 13th/14th December 2016


Note: 13 Star Sign Astrology is an ancient form of Astrology that hasn’t been used for over 2000 years. It is based on the true astronomical data of the Planets and includes the constellation of Ophiuchus (Serpentarius) who also sits on the ecliptic. So the Star Sign I am referring to may be in the previous Star Sign compared to the traditional forms of Astrology used. Our ancestors used this system of astrology for many centuries until the map was redesigned for agricultural reasons and because it didn’t allow movement for the precession of the equinox’s; or use the true sizes of the constellations; this map has been out of date for many, many years.

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The Full Moon begins on the 13th December and reaches its peak on 14th December 2016 at 00:06 GMT in Taurus.

The Moon in Taurus has a great need for material security to maintain a feeling of wellbeing, the Moon is strong in Taurus and it is also a Super Moon which will emphasise her effects. Taurus is steadfast and doesn’t find it easy to let go of anything that provides emotional and material comfort. When this need becomes unbalanced she is prone to over indulge, to satiate her need for comfort and security. 

The aspects to our Full Super Moon in Taurus, shows a tendency towards depression and stagnation, especially for those that are clinging onto unfruitful relationships or family ties, even if they are based on a lack of emotional flexibility or optimism. Some may feel like they are walking on broken eggshells around their partners or loved ones. There is also a possibility that past experiences and disappointments will influence how we feel about our current relationship that inevitably leads to a divide.

As this Grand Nine year cycle draws to a close, it is a time of release and tying up loose ends. Serious choices will have to be made as we awaken to our self made illusions that have been built on a manmade system that is way out of touch with the ‘Divine Feminine’ energy that is growing and expanding more speedily. This is a time of closure, a closure of old stagnant energies that have become physically and mentally draining. These energies are deep and emotional as relationships break down, reaching their peak of tolerance and endurance. Finances, stagnancy and detachment are the signs to watch out for, especially at this time when Christmas is looming and money becomes even more of an issue.

Sometimes we hang onto unrewarding relationships out of habit, because it gives us a false sense of security, or maybe we are bound to them through a joint venture or mortgage. Whatever reveals itself at this time can lead to a permanent separation of values, needs and opinions, especially for those that are on rocky ground already. Even the most solid of relationships will feel a jolt from the energies coming in and can suddenly reach a realisation that they have been living a lie as the mask comes off to reveal the truth of a situation. We must be careful though and make sure that we gather all the facts first and not jump to conclusions.

As we enter the Mercury Retrograde process that takes place in Sagittarius, unresolved karma in relationships come to the surface; if we are comparing new people to past partners we must know that we are not healed or ready to move forward with them. Wounds caused by previous relationships must be faced so that the healing process can begin.

Our minds are scattered and we are prone to experience genius moments throughout this retrograde process, which has been designed to create a major shift in consciousness and giving us the potential towards some very real self growth. But beware! Restlessness and unwise attempts at financial gain will more than likely to run into ruin, due to a lack of experience or gathering all the facts first. We must not be over-optimistic or over-confident with our ideas, which will be abundant. The energy coming in is based on grandiose and illusion where a lack of balance, realism and common sense can affect the best of us. Be very careful of signing contracts during this retrograde period as our extreme optimism can lead us into becoming easy prey to these false illusions. The outlook is surreal, but this is a great time to write down all your ideas, feelings and out of the blue thoughts. Looking back at them at a later date could prove very enlightening.

The Black Moon Lilith is in Scorpio this Full Moon casting her shadow of death and her fear of loss. Her issues lie around winning and losing. It is time to break through the illusion of what is not working for us and to stop wasting our energy and time on lost causes, it is time to face reality and be willing to let go. We must learn to accept closure with grace, dignity and self respect; let us not hang onto that which is based on ego or the material and leave ourselves open to new opportunities in a controlled and constructive way. Reach out to those who are suffering, lonely or depressed with genuinity and wisdom. We can only help to save those, who want to save themselves.

It will be hard to keep ourselves grounded; even those that have worked on spiritual development are in danger of being hoodwinked by the energies coming in. Meditate on the Earth Element and the Heart and Root Chakras. Surround yourself with earthy colours, Greens, Browns & Reds.

For the Root Chakra, Burn Sandalwood and Cedarwood incense. Re-pot your plants. Walk around barefoot. Use the affirmation: “My energy is centred, grounded and focused. All is well and complete in my world. I am safe.”

For the Heart Chakra wear a Rose Quartz. Use Rose essential oil in your bath. Visualise a strong clear green light filling your heart and use the affirmation “I anchor my heart in truth, love and divine grace.