Full Moon Eclipse - 11th February 2017

The Full Moon reaches its peak in Leo on the 11th February 2017 at 00:32 GMT

The Moon in Leo has a great need to be acknowledged, she yearns for fulfilment and comfort; her environment will determine her mood and what her demands are. The Moon in Leo likes to be pampered and fussed over, negatively she is prone to too much self pride which can lead her to become brash, egoistical and physically needy. Positively, the Moon in Leo can be an inspiration when it comes to creativity and art, especially with exhibitions or any form of public entertainment.

The aspects to our Full Moon Eclipse are challenging, as the energies coming in will have much more impact and be longer lasting. Uranus and Juno are both in trine to our Moon showing an over confidence of emotional security and comfort. Relationships will once again be under the spotlight as Juno highlights our commitments and Uranus, erratic emotions. We must be careful not to take our relationships or commitments for granted as the trine aspect makes it easy for us to assume that everything is fine when it actually isn't.

We also have a Grand YOD aspect involving our Moon, with Jupiter Retrograde in sextile to our Moon and Chiron the wounded healer in their firing line. The Moon in trine to Jupiter would normally give us a good insight in how to take advantage of all the good things that life has to offer and bestowing us with feelings of contentment and optimism, but as Jupiter is in retrograde mode there is a danger of us basing these feelings on an unrealistic blind faith. As Jupiter is retrograding through Virgo we must not take it for granted that our ideals will be met without any input or effort on our part, or we could end up with an inflated ego. Chiron who is in the firing line of this YOD creates an emotional block making it difficult for us to express our emotions in a controlled way as we expect others to read our minds and act accordingly and becoming overly emotional when they dont. We must be willing to express ourselves in a controlled and dignified way as well as being open to alternative thoughts and opinions.

The only way we can find true emotional security is by letting go of old emotional wounds caused by feelings of rejection from the past. Changeable moods and a yearning for something that we just cant quite put our finger on, are signs that healing is needed on an inner level, we must go within and be prepared to break old habits that prevent us from finding true happiness.

The Black Moon Lilith is in Ophiuchus this Full Moon casting her shadow of injustice and unfairness. Her issues are with self defensiveness . Conjunct to Saturn she finds it difficult to structure her life in the way she would like and struggles with self discipline. We must be careful of not becoming our own worst enemy berating ourselves for our past misfortunes.

I would suggest meditating on the Heart Chakra this Full Moon by surrounding ourselves with a bright Green and burning light green candles with either Rose, Lavender or Jasmine incense. Eat lots of green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach and kale. Practise deep breathing exercises and use the affirmation: Love surrounds me and my heart is full of peace and inner knowing.


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