New Moon Solar Eclipse - 26th February 2017

The New Moon Solar Eclipse begins on the 26th February in Aquarius at 14:58 GMT

The Moon in Aquarius has a good intuition and a friendly nature, but can be reluctant to allow anyone to get too close to her because of her fear being emotionally and physically restricted. Negatively, the Aquarius moon finds it hard to control this deep and instinctive side of her nature as her need for freedom is often irrational causing her to come across as off key. Positively, Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian and once she has spiritually matured, will become involved with groups that are based on making the world a better place.
As our New Moon eclipses our Sun she will create a dark shadow over our Earth empowering us to go within urging us to transcend our 'spirit' onto higher planes of consciousness. For those of us who are spiritually developed or creative, it will be a time of divine inspiration where we can use this powerful energy to attune to a deeper level of consciousness to gain a clearer insight into our souls path and what our next steps should be. Clairvoyancy and strong intuition will be felt by most, but it is vital that we keep this on a rational level as Neptune in aspect to our Sun and Moon can make it difficult for us to distinguish between genuine inspiration and the projection of our own ego. We must stay in touch with reality otherwise we will be open to self delusion. Our psychic energies will be strong and some will be vulnerable to the negative energies of their environment which will colour their mood and general outlook.
Our visualisation skills will also be very strong and can be expressed through our artistic or musical abilities; this is a great time for musicians and artists, although we must beware of living in a dream world with big expectations, building castles in the sky.
Those who can benefit from this powerful New Moon Eclipse, are those who are willing to commit to their cause or true destiny and those who are ready to face their inner truth no matter how ugly or hard it may appear to be. We are also entering into the shadow of Venus Retrograde, Venus begins her Retrograde through Pisces by the 5th March. When Venus enters Retrograde Mode, she tends to internalise her emotions and exaggerate them. There is an over emphasis on the imperfections of love and love does not flow freely for her. We must allow the process of love to flow freely both outwardly and inwardly otherwise we can block our own happiness by trying too hard to achieve it. Venus in Retrograde through Pisces is prone to obsess over a past love, she suffers silently as she likes to portray herself as independent and not in need of any support, but deep down she yearns for someone to lean on. She tends to get caught up in her self made illusion of self sufficiency which is normally far from her true reality. This is a time to realise self love and let go of the high expectations that we have set up for ourselves. We need to create a new reality for ourselves, which is based on a realistic level and is more in-tuned to our true needs and desires. Life does not force us along against our will, we are in control of our own circumstances and need to be living in our present reality, rather than a fantasy world that we have created to avoid our true reality.
The Black Moon Lilith is in Libra this New Moon casting her shadow of high expectations and her fear of loneliness. We must face what we don't like about ourselves and learn to love all of ourselves and not just the parts we like. We must realise that only LOVE is truly of value. We need to be willing to embrace the pure spirit of unconditional love for both ourselves and for others.
I suggest we meditate on our Heart Chakra's for the next two weeks as well as doing plenty of exercise to stimulate the heart. The Moon in Aquarius is vulnerable to blood, heart, eye and skin conditions, avoid sugar as much as possible. When meditating on your Heart Chakra visualise the colour Emerald Green, burn light green candles and sandalwood or lavender incense. Use the affirmation: 'I am totally comfortable in being myself'.


Read more by Kim Lovelace (Star)