Full Moon – 10th May 2017

The Full Moon reaches its peak in Libra on the 10th May 2017 at 22:42 GMT

The Moon in Libra is very popular and sociable; she is full of grace and strives for a beautiful and harmonious environment. Beautiful people and the beautiful pleasures in life will keep her satiated and confident in her ideal world, although it causes the Moon in Libra to have unrealistic view of her relationships and will sugar coat the unpleasant aspects of them to avoid confrontation. There is a great need for the Libra Moon to build on her own self esteem rather than to rely on the approval of others and their reassurances of her beauty and good nature. Inner balance and strength is needed for this Moon to tap into her more positive qualities of wisdom, fairness and justice. This Moon is vulnerable to kidney, stomach and heart problems which can be brought on by stress. It is important that the Moon in Libra drinks plenty of water to flush out toxins from her body. Backaches, insomnia and problems with her complexion are all signs of her discontent.

The aspects to our Full Moon are quite harmonious this month as she is in sextile to Chiron and in trine to Pluto, although she is in a quincunx aspect with the Asteroid Lilith which tends to bring to light painful and/or awkward situations and where difficult choices may have to be made to allow for Soul growth. But as Pluto the Planet of dissolution and Chiron the Asteroid of healer/teacher are in harmonious aspect, there is a great potential for us to bring all the negative aspects of our lives into balance, by using the wisdom and understanding needed. This Full Moon also offers us an opportunity to regenerate, renew and revitalise ourselves on a deep emotional level, by addressing old wounds that are easier recognise now, or by allowing the things we no longer need in our lives to fall away. This is a time where we can relinquish old emotional habits that have held us back from reaching a level of true peace and contentment if only for a while. This is also a good time to spring clean our environments and rid ourselves of those possessions that are no longer serving a purpose.

The Black Moon Lilith is in Ophiuchus this Full Moon casting her shadow of persecution and her fear of alienation. We must not hide ourselves away or alienate others. We need to get comfortable with our own identity and bring balance into our emotional life for the good of all. In opposition to Mars our tolerance levels are under pressure and there is a tendency to act aggressively or misuse our energy in impulsive and unpredictable ways. We must think before we act.


Read more by Kim Lovelace (Star)