New Moon – 23rd July 2017

The New Moon begins in Cancer on the 23rd July 2017 at 10:45 GMT and in New York at 05:45 EDT.

The Moon in Cancer is in her sign of rulership which deepens and intensifies her emotions. It is important that the Cancer Moon has a home that provides the nurture and security she needs for her emotional well being. A place that she can retreat to when the going gets tough. This Moon is prone to adverse mood swings and can take offence to any slight and will either comfort eat or escape into her fantasy world to sooth her emotional wounds.

Meditations, but ones that are focused and directed will more beneficial to the Moon in Cancer as she tends to slip off into trance, this method will help to keep her grounded and in control.

The Cancer Moon suffers a sluggish digestion system and liver problems due to her poor eating habits and is prone to Anaemia; Vitamin C deficiency is likely to be the cause. Her vulnerable areas are her head and chest and stomach and when she is run down will suffer from head and chest colds which leaves mucus in her stomach. Vitamin C will be of great benefit to the Moon in Cancer, as well as using 'colour therapy' in her daily life; especially colours associated with the Solar Plexus, Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra.

The aspects to our New Moon are Aggressive, Assertive and Intense as Mars and Uranus cause a lot of tension within our intimate relationships or with work colleagues. Feelings are intense, erratic and dark as resentment and mistrust surface in eruptive ways. The urge to break free of restricting situations will be overwhelming, we must beware of acting without thinking, or being overly neglectful of our responsibilities. Only self discipline and inner wisdom can help us to direct this energy into constructiveness.

Emotional frustrations and financial hardships are likely to be the theme this New Moon as unhappy relationships or poor working conditions become unbearable and overwhelming. Depression, deprivation and heavy responsibilities reach their breaking point.

The general feeling will be 'enough is enough'. However there is a danger of us acting too impulsively without any consideration for the consequences or how other people will be affected by our actions. We must direct this erratic and dominating energy wisely. We must also be prepared to let go of situations that do not serve our highest good. Inner strength and self reflection will be needed as we can easily disconnect from our hearts.

The Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, is casting her shadow of truth and her fear of meaningless. Some of us could find ourselves in a very dark place this New Moon as our trust and loyalty is severely tested and pushed beyond reasonable limits. We must be careful of not becoming our own worst enemy.

For this New Moon I suggest that we Meditate on all our Chakra Points, especially the Solar Plexus, Heart and Root Chakras. Nature walks, deep breathing techniques and prayer/chants are a must. Burn a lilac candle and Lavender or Rose incense.
Surround yourself with bright uplifting colours and use the affirmation:
I am sure of my inner knowing and trust in the process of life. Love is abundant in my world.


Read more by Kim Lovelace (Star)