The Moon is the new Ascendant

Today we know that the ascendance of a particular zodiac constellation at the time of birth of a child has an insignificant influence on it. The constellations which correspond to the Ascendant are comprised of stars which are at a distance from 10 to 3000 light years away.The same applies to the Midheaven (MC), the Nadir (IC) and the Descendant (Desc) of the zodiac constellation at a persons time of birth.

The word “horoscope”, derives etymologically from the Greek words “Ora” (ora = hour) and “skopos” (skopo = observe).In astrology it has the meaning of observing something at the time of the birth of a baby.In Western Astrology the “Horoscope” in the Greek sense is translated as “Ascendant” in English, that is, the Zodiac constellation which is rising in the East at a persons time of birth. The Horoscope as an observation of the phenomena at the moment of birth may be, as we will show below to ultimately be the case, something more than the Ascendant.

Our Horoscope in the modern age is, as we will see, independent of the geographic position of a persons birth. The position of the Moon on the ecliptic is independent of our latitude and longitude,and by extension is independent of the place of birth of each person.Therefore the appropriate indicator which could point to the personality of each person is the exact position of the Moon on the ecliptic (at their time of birth).This is our Horoscope, our Ascendant. Just as the Moon stabilizes the Earths orbit, so is our character regulated by it.

Thus the Moon represents our ego, our character. It defines our relationships in life, our constitution, finances and our relationships with siblings and family.

Given its clear relationship with the tides of the seas, rivers and lakes, we can theorize that the Moon governs all things related to the water element.

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