New Moon in Aquarius 9th March 2016

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RaStar 13 Star Sign Astrology
By Kim Lovelace
(Using the Constellation of Ophiuchus)

The New Moon begins in Aquarius on the 9th March and in the 3rd house - London.

The Moon in Aquarius is freedom loving and works at her best when she feels the freedom that she gives to others unconditionally. The Moon in Aquarius is normally very sociable and makes many friends quite easily in life and those friendships stand forever strong, as long as they don’t put any undue restrictions on her. Forever the humanitarian, the Moon in Aquarius is compassionate and views humanity as a whole, offering sympathy and understanding of their needs. In her negative mood this Moon will resort to stubbornness which will restrict her self-expression which puts a block on her evolutionary path.

It is hard for the New Moon to shine brightly and positively this month due to her being restricted and opposed by other planets and points, this is causing our Aquarian New Moon to be out of sync with her compassion and free spirit. There will be a tendency towards disorder both in our personal lives and globally; the changes that have been occurring over the last few years is now creating havoc with those that are resisting the change that the Earth and Mankind are going through. We are vulnerable in blocking our own progress if we remain transfixed on negative attitudes and bad habits, or any outworn tradition or belief structure that has been ingrained. It will be hard to maintain a sense of balance in good judgment and good timing for the next few weeks.

This New Moon in Aquarius requires a lot of self discipline; creative expression through writing, photography and meditation will be good for releasing the excess nervous energy that this New Moon brings in. Reading and researching interests would also be a good thing to do. Now is a time for us to relinquish old habits and initiate new ones with will power, not determination.

Lilith is in Virgo again this New Moon, still in fear of becoming a failure, we must let go of our egos and tune ourselves into our own higher spirit and strength of will.  We need to find balance and harmony, in our lives, in our relationships and in our connection to the Creator of the Universe. Life may seem mundane and monotonous right now because we are holding ourselves back from the liberation of mind and spirit. We need to recognize too that we are all on different levels of awareness and that we must seek our own paths in our own way and in our own time. We all have our own unique contribution to make in this world with our own unique resources.  We need to reach out to people that are like minded, with a genuine common goal; this will help us to formulate our good intentions and develop our ideas.

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