Full Moon in Virgo 23rd March 2016

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The Full Moon begins reaches its peak, on the 23rd March 2016 at 12:01 pm and in the 4th house - London.

This Virgo Full Moon is a hardworking and practical Moon with a great regard for cleanliness and tidiness. The Moon in Virgo is particular about hygiene and is deeply concerned with health and diet. This would be a good time for us to start our spring cleaning both inwardly and outwardly, just as long as we don’t go over the top and become fastidious. Home improvements, garden work and a good health regime is a good way to make the most of this Full Moon, especially if we have been lacking in energy and assertiveness of late. Also on a broader scale this is a time where the health and food industries may come into the spotlight.


The aspects to this month’s Full Moon are quite contradictive, on one hand we will have the ability to sense and flow in harmony with the current events, whilst on the other we may jump into situations without due care. Energy is abundant at this time and it is possible for us to see projects through to completion with regards to enterprises or improving the home, but it is vital that we keep a tight rein on our finances and not squander money on unnecessary things. This Full Moon is all about investing our time and energy into improving our lives, rather than our money. The aspects to this Full Moon in Virgo is asking us to find balance in our way of living and our health matters, it is important that we stay as balanced as we possibly can otherwise there is a danger here of going overboard, especially with our personal hygiene and diet.

This is an especially good time for women and can also be beneficial for public relations in selling, entertainment and politics as long as we keep ourselves disciplined with a clear head.

The Black Moon Lilith is creating a lot of nervous energy and anxiety this Full Moon, as her energy is high. Watch out for sudden changes and let us be careful in not being led into shadowy situations.

As the energy is high and robust this Full Moon, it would also be a good time to clear our mind, body and soul! Meditation and Feng Shui would definitely be good subjects to practice at this time.

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