New Moon in Pisces 7th April 2016

Image: Ironpheonix by Phoenix


The New Moon begins in Pisces on the 7th April 2016 and in the 10th house – London

The Moon in Pisces is an extremely sensitive moon, but has the stamina to survive any situation that would floor most people. Pisces Moon suffers a great deal, not just in the suffering their own pain and injustices, but strongly feels others too. This moon has a multitude of gifts and talents unless it is negatively aspected or just plain lazy!

Our Cosmic sky will have five planets in retrograde by the end of the month and this will bring everything to a halt. Preparation for this event is vital otherwise we will end up running into a brick wall if we don’t slow down and ‘stop, look and listen’ to what the Universe is telling us. The story is important.

Saturn is taking us down memory lane this New Moon, although the circumstances triggering them may be different, but the essence of them will be very familiar. Life may feel burdensome as Uranus is creating mayhem and a high emotional energy where we will be pushing forward with all our might, only to be flung backwards like we are on an elastic band. Rather than dwell on past sorrows, this transit is actually giving us the opportunity to re-visit past mistakes to correct them, this should be seen as a second chance to put things right and to amend any errors or judgments we have made in our past. This is also an opportunity for us to bring out our creative side and develop our self worth and self respect or to realize it. We need to just go with the flow and be open to the patient guidance that Saturn offers.

Uranus’s influence can make those of us who are already highly sensitive, erratic and emotionally unbalanced, but if we can look beyond the material world into the world of creativity then we could experience or discover some very creative and wonderful resources or unique abilities, though the process of achieving anything in form will be a very slow process. It won’t be an easy ride for those who would just rather forget the past, because Pluto’s connection to our New Moon is creating a vibration that is intense. Pluto generates a psychic energy that can make us feel very uneasy, especially when things are moving slowly. Women or care givers will be feeling this vibration the most. The desire to forget the past will be strong and the urge to destroy all ties that are restrictive will be very tempting, we must not do anything dramatic or enforce the transformations that Pluto and Uranus influences us to do, the time is not yet right.

Lilith is in Virgo this New Moon and her energy is just as high, since she is in opposition to both Uranus and our New Moon. We must not push ourselves too hard as our emotions are amplified and our ability to express ourselves is stifled. This is time for us to sit with ourselves and tune into our inner being and finding our true mission. This isn’t just a second chance to put right the wrongs of our past; it is also a revelation of the Universal process. Let us not fight it.


Read more by Kim Lovelace (Star)