Full Blue Moon in Libra – 21st May 2016


RaStar 13 Star Sign Astrology
(Using the constellation of Ophiuchus)

Kim Lovelace

The Full Blue Moon takes place on the 21st May 2016 at 22:16 GMT .

We have a Full Seasonal Blue Moon in Libra this month, the last one of this type took place in 2013. The Moon in Libra is highly sensitive, especially towards the attitudes and reactions of others, this moon hates vulgarity and expects those close to maintain a pleasing demeanour and good manners. The aspects to our Full Moon show that this is still a time of dominance and great sensitivity, where intimate relationships are mostly affected, self indulgent tendencies and self absorbed demands, will bring in extreme and intense emotional disarray.

This destructive emotional energy is very prominent this Full Moon and puts us in danger of succumbing to self absorbed desires that will lead us into tantrum mode, carelessness and depletion. An intense need to satiate our desires, can lead us into exploding with others, or imploding in self punishment, especially as Lilith is still in Virgo that vibrates 'a fear of being a failure, or having high expectations'. Intimate relationships are on the line if we don't rise above things, as the New Moon that took place earlier in the month suggested we do. Relationships are under threat if communications are not voiced respectfully, or if equal respect is not present. Outside sources are also something to watch out for, when it comes to interference. These aspects create a ruthlessness and self punishing nature that must be curbed by tuning into Universal Consciousness and Aspirations.

On the 22nd May, the Full Blue Moon and the Sun will be in opposition to Mars who makes his closest approach to the Earth and his appearance is large and bright. This Red Planet, who is retrograding through Scorpio, emphasises the volatile and emotional nature of our Moon, warning us that damage to relationships, drunken behaviour and arguments will be the theme if we don’t rise above the material world that is associated with the ego. Serenity and control will be much needed, meditation and health are vital. This Full Moon warns us to be careful with everything we do and everything we say.


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