New Moon in Taurus

Image by Berdaku


The New Moon begins in Taurus on the 5th June 2016 at 04:01 am GMT.

The New Moon in Taurus loves all the good things that life has to offer, material wealth is needed for this Moon's emotional security and well being. Normally this Moon has a great deal of common sense but does need stimulation from others to get things going, but once up and running will see them through to the end. There is a tendency towards laziness and obstinance when negatively aspected and this month the aspects are phenomenal.

With a Grand Cross and a Yod aspect, the New Moon forewarns of much chaos and confusion, it would be wise for us to meditate on our Sacral Chakra to keep it in balance, as this is the area that is the most vulnerable to the high emotional energy created by the Planets involved. This energy coming in is oppressive and thrives on anxiety and fear. Whilst on one hand people are prone to become emotionally unresponsive and cold, on the other, there are those who can become overemotional and self pitying, either one can be just as cunning and devious as the other, using manipulation as their tool to nourish their ego's. Secret love affairs, secret enemies and underhanded behaviour are things to watch out for.

The Grand Cross involves some powerful Planets and our New Moon in Taurus will be among them, Financial problems and material matters come to the fore, confusion about our careers or our responsibilities, a lack of efficiency through a limited or blocked imagination, feelings of inferiority or inadequacy are all designed to keep us off track. Self image can be unrealistic and exaggerated. Confidence is lacking big time and we need to stay firmly rooted on our morals and principles, as long as they are coming from our higher selves and not our egos. The most important thing at this time, is for us not to deceive ourselves or others, because the Karmic essence is still strong due the series of retrograde planets we have had over the last few months. Relationships are prone to become exhausting especially if we are holding onto those that punish us rather than nourish us.

There is definitely a danger of losing a grip on reality as the leading player Neptune is in a position of self deception and distortion; distorting the truth! Low level vibrations are hitting the Earth this New Moon and things are getting muddy and confused; drug and alcohol abuse , a lack of discipline in bestowing our affections wisely are things to watch out for, as our passions are out of sync causing an urge to act scandalously. Positively we can turn Neptune's need for escapism into a beautiful artistic pursuit if we can keep our two feet on the ground and our heads above water. The vibes are concentrating on our creative energy centres and it is how we use this energy that counts.

Venus will be giving power and energy to our emotions creating strong affections and a romantic drive, whilst, Saturn's influence is of depression and a lack of emotional flexibility creating a judgemental attitude. Our close relationships are at stake. This is a time that holds a lack of opportunity, we must make the most of what we already have as ''get rich quick schemes'' and ''unwise speculations'' regarding finances will lead us into disaster. The simple pleasures in life will be the most rewarding, we must stay in touch with our good natures and self discipline.

The Black Moon Lilith is in Libra this New Moon, casting her shadow of perfection and her fear of loneliness. Her expectations are unrealistic and she is very critical of how things appear!
Boundary issues are paramount in her presence and her inhibitions are non existent. Lilith is part of the Yod aspect alongside her beloved husband Pluto whose energy is intense. Our New Moon, Venus and Sun are in their firing line, power struggles are inevitable. Pluto who is presently retrograding through Sagittarius, represents a breakdown down of morals and principles and brings immodesty to light, we will need a sense of purpose. There will be a deep desire for passion and self gratification, values are out the window, superficiality and disloyalty will thrive. This energy is willing to sacrifice anyone or anything that does not feed its obsessive need for power and control. The vibes are surreal and there is no consideration for the consequences of any outrageous behaviour. The dark versus the light, watch out for taboo situations as there is a total disregard for moral codes. Thankfully the New Moon and the Black Moon have fast moving orbits, making this a short, sharp, shock in our lives.

Creative energy is powerful this New Moon, we must stay clean in mind, body and spirit and it is imperative to direct this creative energy into poetry, art and prayer, we must cleanse our environments using lemons and good quality salt, smudge sticks and crystals to keep our environments from stagnating. We must meditate on our chakra's (especially the Sacral) and hold onto our divine faith, because the feeling is, that there is a lot more going on then meets the eye.


Kim Lovelace (Star)