Summer Solstice Full Moon – 20th June 2016



RaStar 13 Star Sign Astrology
(Using the constellation of Ophiuchus)
Kim Lovelace

The Full Moon takes place on the 20th June 2016 at 12:04 GMT .

The Full Moon is in Sagittarius this month who aspires to high ideals and goals, but may lack a realistic sense of life. The Full Moon this month is of faith and tradition, which fits in well with the Meditations connected to the Summer Solstice, which has been celebrated for many an Eon.

The New Moon earlier on in the month was horrendously challenging and the effects have been very noticeable. This Full Moon is the backlash and creates an over sensitivity and a feeling of emptiness within. Some will be prone to self indulgent tendencies, becoming overly concerned with material comforts and luxuries, where the need for them to satiate their appetite is strongly compelling and this intense desire can lead them to satiate their appetites with food (especially sugar fixes), sex, or retail therapy. The craving to be loved is strong and this vibration coming in is very self absorbed, balance will be needed and we can achieve this by looking within. The aim being to centre ourselves. There is an air of fantasy with the Full Moon in Sagittarius and there is a vulnerability towards compulsive behaviour where falling for unsuitable partners, or not being realistic in what we want or already have is an issue. For those of us that are feeling stuck in an unhappy relationship then this is the time to analyse the truth of the situation by going within and finding your 'own answer,' with honesty and without judgement. It is a time where we need to be at one with ourselves in an honest and non judgemental way.

Traditionally the Summer Solstice is a time where we give thanks to our Sun for flourishing our Earth with its light and warmth to help our crops grow. This is a time when the sun is at its highest point and at its most powerful. This is also a time when our Mother Earth, is at her most fertile. As the Earth needs the heat of the Sun to keep her nurtured, she also needs water to keep her from drying out and her crops from dying, so the traditional rituals would be to bring balance between the the two Elements of Fire and Water, building a bonfire, or burning candles and placing water nearby is a good setting for the Summer Solstice Meditations. The solstices are based on the darkness versus the light philosophy, where the aim is to bring balance between the two, representing the earth and the sky and our inner and outer being. Water and Fire combined create Steam, so having a Sauna would also be good to clear out toxins, or an Epsom Salt hot bath would be a good substitute. The aim is to cleanse, purify and balance, our mind, our body, and our Spirit, as well as the Earth.

For balancing the Chakra Points I would suggest that we work on all of them, since Water and Fire combined creates Steam, which is quite Etheric, so working on the Chakra Points whose Element is Ether should also be included, as well as Earth and Air, which are crucial in maintaining the elements of Fire and Water. Below is a list of the Chakra Points and the Elements that are associated to them.

The Black Moon Lilith in Virgo this Full Moon is focussing on her flaws, failures and excessive behaviour. There is a chronic dissatisfaction with life and a tendency to want to make changes in dramatic ways. There is a feeling of disconnection and inner peace is eluded. We need to bring ourselves back to the present and focus on bringing in balance by revolutionising our outlook, rather then making drastic changes in, or to our environments. Lets be still and work with the Elements on this Summer Solstice Full Moon and concentrate on the experience, rather then the outcome. This is an intense and drastic energy, but used correctly can bring about some amazing manifestations for our highest good. Sagittarius is a positive thinker, lets use this constellations energy to replace any negative thoughts with positive ones, by using our Universal Consciousness.


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