The New Moon takes place on the 2nd August 2016 at 21:46 GMT.

The New Moon in Cancer is truly residing in her powerful element of water. This is a fantastic time to cleanse in every sense of the word, starting with ourselves first. Karma from the past is seeping in with the aspects that are against her, bringing in feelings of guilt which we try to overcompensate for, therefore leading us towards great emotional instability. The New Moon in Cancer is very sensitive and caring; she provides nurture, comfort and protection. In her negative sense, she can become quite dominating and smothering. 

There are two paths which we can follow this New Moon as Retrograde Neptune makes harsh aspects, whilst Retrograde Saturn offers us simplicity and structure, so that we can make the most of this New Moon’s energy. Neptune is bringing up issues of what is real and what needs to be dealt with and this is revolving around an inaccurate sense of self appraisal, expecting too much of oneself as well as others. It is important in this instance that we develop self honesty first and be as truthful as we possibly can with others. We need to create balance, rather than push through boundaries and learn and embrace our life lessons with love, dignity and understanding. Saturn is offering us this very opportunity in guiding us towards acceptance of personal responsibility and personal dignity, with an honest and organised approach and to treat our obligations with consideration and peace of mind.

Lilith in Libra is intensifying any unrealistic expectations and boundary issues this New Moon brings up, where our personal energy can become stifled and as a result leading us to become stuck in an emotional whirlwind of blame; manipulation and obsession.

As more and more people are waking up to the importance of spiritual cleansing and creating good intentions; this is a fabulous Moon to cleanse our mind, body, soul and environments with Salt Water, lemons and meditation. This is also a fantastic time to get your cook book out and prepare good food with love; they say we are what we eat! But this isn’t just about whether you are a vegetarian or not, this is also about preparing your food with a good heart, rather than resentment, everything is energy and what we are vibrating, is what we are giving. Let us spread the good vibes.

The New Moon in Cancer has strong emphasis on the Water, Cleansing rituals and spiritual cleansing are ideal. Bathing in good quality salt, such as an Epsom salts, or Himalayan salt, with some Rose essential oil, would be a great start to put you in the mood for vibrating good energy, keep the air around you fresh and take a walk near water or even in the rain. This New Moon is all about ‘Feeding the Soul’


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