Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn 18th August 2016


The Full Moon Eclipse reaches its peak on the 18th August 2016 at 10:29 GMT.

The Moon in Capricorn is a serious and ambitious Moon and relates to material values, rather than spiritual values. Capricorns influence on our Moon is to seek financial status to feel a sense of self worth which is very conflicting to our Moons true nature.

This sets the overall pace until we reach the New Moon. As the Full Moon reaches its peak in the last degrees of Capricorn, the Moon enters Aquarius a few hours later, combining the energies of materialistic desire with a search for freedom (escapism).

This combination is detrimental as the Aquarius Moon can emphasise the Capricorn Moons cold and serious nature and together with the planetary aspects will make this a very challenging two weeks. We have yet another YOD forming in our sky that involves the Full Moon, there is also a T.Square which tells us that we must be very careful not to fall into a rut of self deception or ego based illusions. Intuition is heightened, but there is a tendency to read too much in between the lines without heeding the facts. We must not take anything for granted, especially the sense that ‘we know it all’, as there is a danger of assuming rather than actually listening, or analysing all the facts.

Retrograde Uranus plays havoc in relationships, causing inner changeability that makes us come across as hypocritical; this can create much confusion with our relationships, friendships and work colleagues. Some will be vulnerable in believing that their dream world states are becoming a reality, which turns out to be impractical. We must not go out of our way to impress others or else it will backfire. Mercury is already in the shadow of its retrograde mode in Leo and is already trying to radiate his authoritive knowledge onto us in order to try and enforce the future into the now, with a strong tendency to exaggerate and a determination towards finding ways of conquering tomorrow’s obstacles. He is on a mission to achieve something big and wonderful and may even blow his own trumpet prematurely; it is vital that we evaluate the totality of any situation that we find ourselves in when it comes to big ideals or ideas.

The vibes are of high expectation and personal gain, rushing into things impulsively and without discipline will only bring trouble and lead us into deep water. Optimism needs to be focused and harnessed as the bigger picture looks great on the surface, but work on our inner selves needs to be nurtured first, this is wrong timing to achieve any success amidst the confusion and over enthusiasm. Let’s not fall into the trap of becoming our own worst enemy; Neptune is feeding us unrealistic fantasies, while Jupiter is expanding our hopes and dreams which will only lead us astray into an abyss of self indulgence, laziness or exotic pleasures, depleting our finances and public face, we must be careful not to compromise our moral codes and spiritual values.

Freedom does not come from materialism, it comes from being true to ourselves and dealing with our deepest fears and issues, Lilith is casting her shadow of ability with feelings of unworthiness and a fear of failure. The vibes coming in are confusing and deceptive, leaving us vulnerable to emotional desires that are not appropriate to the present reality; but we can use this energy to our advantage, by indulging in the creative arts or any activity that gives scope to the imagination; the game of charades should only be played for fun and not for gain.

Meditation on our Crown Chakra, Throat Chakra and Sacral Chakra will bring balance between the spiritual and Material. Surrounding ourselves with the colours light blue, purple and orange, will balance and maintain our sense of wisdom, spiritual values and flow with the inner change that is taking place over the next two weeks.


Read more by Kim Lovelace (Star)