New Moon in Capricorn 8th February 2016

RaStar 13 Star Sign Astrology
Kim Lovelace
(Using the Constellation of Ophiuchus)

The New Moon begins in Capricorn on the 8th February at 14:40 pm and in the 9th house - London.

The Moon in Capricorn is a highly ambitious and hardworking Moon with a cautious and reserved nature; this is a serious Moon who identifies with the material, rather than spiritual values. Although this Moon holds great wisdom, she can also come across as quite selfish and calculating, as the concentrated effort tends to be focused on benefitting the home and family rather than the organization or circle involved. This Moon is capable of achieving a great deal of success and status through hard work and shrewd assessment.

In London the New Moon takes place in the 9th house of religion and philosophy, there can be a deep emotional attachment towards traditional values, or a religious upbringing instilled in early childhood. This rigidity can block the growth of true spiritual understanding especially since the New Moon is also in Capricorn. Dogmatic social or religious beliefs can hinder our progress towards a better way of life. But, if we are able to expand our minds and consciousness, towards other cultures and societies we not only give ourselves the ability to embrace new ethical approaches, but give ourselves a true understanding of Universal Consciousness.

In trine to Uranus this New Moon can help us to let go of past conditionings, so that we can take advantage of the new opportunities coming in and create new original insights by applying them in unique ways. This is an exciting time for humanity, if we can accept that the world is changing and that mankind must change with it.

In square to Mars the New Moon brings in an emotional and volatile nature, oversensitivity and taking things too personally could be the theme this month as tensions run high. This is a time where we can ‘cut our nose to spite our face’. This aspect shows that we must work as a whole rather than independently, no man is an island and this month shows that sharing our hearts peacefully may just be a hard thing to do.

Our New Moon is also in quincunx to Jupiter who is in retrograde! Jupiter in Retrograde is on a high spiritual journey for good or bad, it brings in ‘truth’ but also ‘conflict’. Idealism takes precedence over practicality, our introspection of religious or spiritual values seem to be violated, we must take care in this Jupiter retrograde cycle of not being over judgmental, or rigid in our belief structures. Watch out for déjà vous experiences. In quincunx to our New Moon there is a tendency for us to over stretch ourselves; we need to beware of not spending too much time in chasing rainbows. Let’s not be afraid of stepping outside of our comfort zones and awaken the courage within, let us all pick up the sword of truth and justice.

Black Moon Lilith in Virgo has a deep fear of failure and a judgmental nature, we must recognize that nothing is ‘absolutely’ right or wrong; all levels of ability have something to contribute.

As our New Moon begins so does the Chinese New Year, which enters into the sign of the Fire Monkey. This Chinese New Year brings in an enthusiastic and adventurous energy; great rewards can be gained by taking risks, as this is a year when anything can happen! The Fire Monkey year is all about passion, creativity and joy, but also of action and opportunity, as long as we can get a grip on the unpredictable nervous energy that the Year of the Fire Monkey brings in.

This is a good year for us to create a great change, let’s introduce into our lives a new and exciting, but productive path. ‘Gong Hey Fat Choy’, my friends


Read more by Kim Lovelace (Star)