Full Moon in Cancer 23/24th January 2016

RaStar 13 Star Sign Astrology
By Kim Lovelace
(Using the Constellation of Ophiuchus)

The Full Moon begins in Cancer on the 23rd January and reaches its peak, on the 24th January 2016 at 01:46 am and in the 9th house - London.

The Full Moon in Cancer is in its sign of rulership this month and indicates a depth and intensity of our emotions. This Full Moon brings in strong links to the home and the Mother, it represents, home-making, parenting and food. Domestic security is very important for this Moon’s emotional wellbeing.

The Moon in Cancer is highly sensitive to the moods and feelings of others, being very psychic and receptive. This Moon is the nurturer and protector of those close to us, sometimes to the point where the need to protect becomes an over-whelming urge, which can cause us to become overbearing or smothering, especially where children are concerned and in sesi-square to Chiron, a brewing of resentment and broodiness are signs to watch out for, let’s be careful with over concern or over preaching this month. For some of us, it could just be a case of old issues from childhood surface that need to be recognized and dealt with.

Globally, this Full Moon may bring into the limelight, the food, health or care industries.

In London, the Full Moon takes place in the 9th house, which creates a deep attachment to religious, social or ethical values, that have been instilled within us since early childhood; there will be a strong need for spiritual or moral values around our families and home life. The thing is though, the moon in this house can limit the scope or depth of spiritual understanding which can cause us to cling onto old, out worn, ‘belief structures’ and those of us that do attempt to change them, risk being out-casted by those close, who are not ready or open to the change. It is time for us here in London to let go of traditional values that are outdated, by using rational thought, rather than emotional attachment.

In square to the Black Moon Lilith, this Full Moon brings in an intense vibration, especially regarding relationships, hard choices will be enforced and exceptional demands will be made in relation to spiritual values, or, which side we should take in family squabbles! Decision making will be a painful process.

Two hours later the Full Moon in Cancer enters into a square with both Mars and Juno; Mars brings in a hot headed nature. We must beware of disagreements with our children, or becoming overly concerned with them, we need to nurture them gently; it could just be a case of growing pains! The Moon’s square to Juno, brings in feelings of entrapment which causes friction and instability in our home lives, emphasizing that difficult choices will have to be made. Stomach health may be an issue caused through anxiety and stress. Mint tea, Chamomile tea, or any ‘healthy’ chill pill, will be of great benefit this Full Moon.


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