Full Moon in Gemini 25th December 2015

The Full Moon begins in Gemini on the 25th December 2015 at 11:11 am and in the 5th house - London.

This Gemini Full Moon creates a great deal of restlessness and nervous tension. Communications are incessant and ideas are flowing, but are not necessarily followed through. The high energy of this Full Moon can lead us to spread ourselves too thin, especially at this time of year when we are full of Christmas Cheer, promising to see this person and that person then suddenly realizing, that time doesn’t pause for any distractions along the way.

The Moon in Gemini is also a resourceful Moon, by using rational thought in thinking up good solutions.

In the 5th house London, This Gemini Moon will be very creative and imaginative. This is the house of creativity, pleasure and art, the house of children or child like qualities and just as a child’s emotions can be unstable and changeable, the Moon here can create emotional instability, or dependence. Also the Full Moon takes place at 11:11 am; in numerology 11:11 signifies ‘spirit presence’ and urges us to take note of our heart’s and inner knowing as our soul’s growth is now accelerating. Let’s make a wish.

The Moon in trine to Neptune heightens our senses towards prophetic or intuitive insights about people and future conditions, especially psychologically. Hypersensitivity and a keen imagination are what to watch out for with this aspect.

Our Full Moon is also part of a Grand Trine with Neptune, the Black Moon Lilith and Juno; the feminine energy is still strong and female power is still at work. Whilst the Moon and Neptune raise the psychic levels of perception and intuition, the Black Moon Lilith and Juno give the determination and strength to accept and apply the change that is coming in.

The Moon in Gemini moves into opposition with Pluto on Boxing Day, Pluto who is Lilith’s partner and ally. Whilst Lilith represents transcendence, Pluto represents transformation; this aspect rocks the foundation of mankind’s faith and belief structures, cutting through the illusion to reveal the reality, resulting in a change of consciousness and way of living.


Read more by Kim Lovelace (Star)