New Moon In Sagittarius 10th January 2016

The New Moon begins in Sagittarius on the 10th January 2016 at 01:30 am and in the 3rd house - London.

The Moon in Sagittarius has a lofty idealistic nature and aspires to high goals, but may lack an unrealistic sense of life. There can be a strong attachment to traditional, religious or philosophic beliefs that have been instilled from young. Narrow mindedness and a lack of objectivity, can be this Moons downfall, although when positively aspected a happy go lucky nature and optimistic attitude can be of benefit to many.

In London the New Moon begins in the 3rd house of communication and immediate environment, where thoughts and speech will be influenced by our emotional wellbeing. Reasoning will be based on our emotional states and what we have been brought up to believe in. It is important that we let go of what we previously thought to be true and leave ourselves open to new perceptions and be willing to learn, a different way of seeing things.

The New Moon in conjunction to Pluto causes intense feelings and a strong will, this aspect is emotionally dominating and has a compelling influence. We have an opportunity with this aspect to let go of past conditionings and create an entirely new base for emotional experiences; Pluto is urging us to become fearless and to take the risk. Watch out for drastic and sudden changes to take place in our lives now.

In trine to both Jupiter and the North Node the New Moon creates a harmonious setting, so we can direct the change of traditional beliefs to our own advantage. Whilst Jupiter can expand our imaginations, it can also leave us holding onto the status quo to keep the peace. We need to let go of our old belief structures and embrace the new, especially in the area of religion, diet and medication. Chiron who is sextile to our Moon is assisting Pluto, in awakening us from the deep slumber that we have been dwelling in for many a century; whilst Pluto manifests a dramatic awakening, Chiron will awaken our natural healing abilities; it will be important for us to stay calm in the storm! As the sudden changes and awareness that takes place, can cause our stress levels to rise, leaving us vulnerable to the negative energies of those who repel the change that is inevitable. We must meditate and transcend to the highest good of our spirit and be open to alternative therapies and way of living.

Uranus in square to our New Moon emphasizes unusual and disruptive changes in our lives; we must brace ourselves and listen to what the planets are telling us. For quite some time they have been warning us about our health and wellbeing, urging us to change our perception on our diets and way of thinking and living. We are getting to a point now where it will no longer be an option, where we will be forced to face the changes whether we are ready or not. Let us adopt a fresh perspective of our world and do what is needed to create scope for a new and exciting journey.
Lilith in Virgo is in opposition to the North Node this New Moon. Significant past life issues are returning to be resolved and this inhibits the evolution that is taking place; we must break from away from past patterns or habits and rectify past life cycles of behavior, so that we can move forward with great wisdom and a sense of peace.


Read more by Kim Lovelace (Star)