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I am a master astrologer with 15+ years of study and experience. I specialize in researching & decoding the mysteries the 13-Sign Zodiac. Over 10 years ago I uncovered the shocking truth that there are actually 13 sun signs not 12. Since then I have been demystifying and teaching the real Astronomical dates in relation to all planets, asteroids, and points when generating chart readings. As for myself -- I was actually born on the 1st day of the 13th sign November 30th--Ophiuchus!

I firmly believe studying astrology and knowing where the heavenly bodies really are is priceless. I have many other spiritual talents and astrology is one of the most important tools I use to help people because it is a energetic map of our physical existence on Earth. To know actual locations and energetic patterns is the only reason why I am a believer. Astronomy is the study where I get more clarity. I have essentially merged Astrology and Astronomy studies, proving that they both were once One.

I also do Chinese and Mayan Astrology, I-Ching, Kabballah Name Numerology, Relationship and Past Life Astrology, Dream Symbolism Interpretations, Life Path Numerology and Channeling. Please email me for more information.

The Origins of Your Soul

A voyage to the nebula that gave you life.

A 13-sign horoscope is just that powerful, its truth will awaken your soul to your conscious thread with the Cosmos. The chart is your map. Looking at your chart in the 13 sign Zodiac may shock you, but only because you have been fooled by regular tropical astrology before now. Their charts aren't correct. Astronomers won't use them because they know astrology is off by almost an entire sign! Astronomy --what we see-- is the only truth. Only the cosmic truth will help you remember who you really are.

That's because memory is the key factor in our lives, it's what we develop, what we intuit, and what the Cosmos tells us. Like water, timeless space is filled with memories, beyond counting. you may not recall everything, but the stars do.

Your chart remembers what you forgot

With my Deep Space Astrology Report I begin with the origins of your soul, using The outer planets, Pluto, Chiron, and the asteroids as our guides. They'll show us the essence of what your ancestors gave you, to lay the groundwork for your true calling, and also point to the source of your pain. Chiron and can help to uncover past life programming that needs to be integrated, or at least understood! Being born on the dark side of Ophiuchus has given me the gift of feeling dark energy from the Moon to lock on the hidden, lunar compass that alone leads us to our destiny, and shows the works we must accomplish in this life. I'll use the Nodes and Lilith to show me the way.

Your readings will include your 13-sign Chart, a full natal report with all the signs, angles and aspects. I'll try to cover as much ground as I can in such a short time!

(Love, Femi)


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