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New Moon in Pisces. . . . The Spiritual Abyss

Happy New Moon!*)

What an amazing time to be alive and witness some of our most profound transformations! I’m very excited to see more interest and openness to 13 sign astrology! With satellite apps and the internet, we really don’t have any excuse for blindly staying on the western zodiac when it doesn’t even line up to the actual stars. Times are changing rapidly and knowing correct star placements really makes all the difference!

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius..The Electric Water Bearer

New Moon Solar Eclipse - 26th February 2017

*Happy New Moon!

And it’s also a Solar Eclipse too!! New Moons are also known as Black Moons. Every new moon, the Sun and Moon are in the same space, conjunct. Therefore, no light is reflected until they start to move away from each other, and the crescent begins to grow. Solar Eclipses are new moons with tremendous power. This is a time of great spiritual renewal and transformation. During this time we will begin something new. New Moon Eclipses are major life changers. The Sun and Moon are BOTH in Aquarius today. Check your Google sky maps.

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13 Signs: New Moon in Sagittarius…..Tehuti the Magician

Happy New Moon!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying my 13 sign esoteric astrology articles. In reality there are 13 months per year! The Moon completes it’s cycle every 28 days. 28 X 13 =364 The number 13 symbolizes completion representing the Life & Death. There are 13 Moon Goddess Cycles and 13 Signs of the Real Zodiac Circle. This New Moon aligns with our Sun in the constellation of Sagittarius, the wise Sage. Use this time to make sense of all the lessons and wisdom you have accumulated over the years, especially in the last few.

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Lunar Eclipse in Leo…. The Ring of Fire

The lunar energy we have today is in the constellation of LEO, and it is packed with fire power! Now is the time to jump start your life in a new direction! Eclipses signal major changes! Also honor all this creative Feminine Power raising up right now! The Goddesses are being called on to assist each and every one of us!

*Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons with tremendous power! This is a time of great spiritual renewal and transformation! Right now we should be making promises to ourselves about the future.

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13 Signs Super Moon in Taurus. . . . The Goddess of Love

Happy Super Full Moon!

A full moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are aligned in opposition to each other. Supermoons are new and full moon alignments that happen extremely close to the Earth. Because of this, their energetic effects will be felt the strongest for the year! Right now, the Sun is moving thru Ophiuchus Sepentarius, the 13th Sign and our beloved Moon is at the end of Taurus. This is the 2nd Super Full Moon of Taurus and the last SuperMoon of 2016!

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