Yes, the zodiac Signs are 13. Ophiuchus is the 13th Sign of the Zodiac Circle

As we have said many times with arguments based on the science of astronomy, the zodiac Signs are now 13 after the insertion of Ophiuchus between Scorpio and Sagittarius, on the ecliptic. Where ecliptic is called the apparent path of the Sun in the sky.
The ancient Greeks who founded Horoscopic Astrology had much less knowledge of the sky and the planets than we have today. For example, in the time of Claudius Ptolemy they believed that the Sun was turning around the Earth. 12 Zodiac Astrology was born in the Hellenistic era and was a child of Astronomy of the 2nd century BC

Today we  know from Astronomy that the sun is the center of our solar system. Its apparent path in the sky, as seen from the Earth, is accurately determined and passes through 13 zodiac constellations. Astrology is evolving by using modern Astronomy and is now called 13 Zodiac Astrology. This is a necessity imposed by life itself.

Nevertheless many Astrologers are stuck to 12 signs Astrology. Anyone can do whatever he wants in the modern era. In so far they engage and criticize 13 zodiac Astrology and Ophiuchus, we have the right to answer them so that people will know who is right!

West Tropical Astrologers say that they know about the Precession of the Equinoxes, which has moved the zodiac constellations in the sky. Their Astrology is faithful to traditions and has been detached by the zodiac constellations.

They also say that the signs are now independent entities attached to a circle in Heaven that starts at the Vernal Equinox from the 1st point of Aries. Under these virtual entities 12 Zodiac Astrologers make their predictions.

Unfortunately for western astrology the sky, the Earth, the positions of planets and stars, everything changes in life. A law holds in reality: Everything changes. The Zodiac signs are not imaginary entities as they wish, but existent aggregates of stars and sky regions fully defined and categorized .. But even if they were virtual entities attached to the vernal equinox, then all their predictions, in turn, would be virtual and therefore null and false ..

The signs are therefore not ideal, but real, as we see them every night in the starry sky. We see the planets, the Moon and the Sun moving through them and we know exactly their positions with the help of Astronomy. In reality the Zodiac Signs are 13 and we, as 13 Zodiac Astrologers, cast our predictions that are merely indications of the mood and the level of awareness within us ..

The Ancient Greek Astrologers that founded Horoscopic Astrology, Dorotheus of Sidon, Vetious Valens, Claudius Ptolemy, Firmichos Maternos etc., had common elements such as the use of 12 signs with 30 degrees each, house systems etc. ., but everyone used its own forecasting system of the future with main element position of the planets in the sky area that favors or adversely affect a sector of human life. Today this has changed with the help of Psychological Astrology we try to cast Horoscopes to use them as objects that help towards self-awareness and integration of the individuals.

13 Zodiac Astrology uses only those elements of astrological traditions that withstand the scrutiny of today's Astronomy. Thus we typically mention the following principles:
The zodiac Signs are 13 and the dates that the Sun enters to them vary slightly each year because of the precession of the equinoxes
The 13 Signs occupy irregular arc lengths on the ecliptic i.e. Virgo 44 degrees .. Scorpio 6.6 degrees etc...
The New Ascendant of Astrology is the trace of the moon in one of the 13 zodiacal constellations (Zodiac Sign of the Moon). The Moon affects our lives in many ways.
Sunspots are a new Astrological size that changes the mood of people and affects life on our planet.
There are four fundamental interactions in nature: the gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear. They replace the four ancient elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air.
Each of the 13 Signs has unique properties arising from the astrological tradition and the extent to which they occupy positions of the old signs. Key role plays the position of the Sun on the ecliptic ..

Astrology is evolving in line with the 21st century astronomy. Yes, we can and should adopt the 13 Zodiac Astrology.

Vasilis Kanatas
13 Zodiac Astrologer