Full Moon in Virgo. . Balancing the Matrix with Goddess Maat

Full Moon in Virgo. Image by Star Walk App.


Happy Full Moon!

This is the 2nd full moon in the constellation of Virgo, one of the deepest areas of the sky! In real time 13 sign astrology, we know that Virgo spans 44.5 degrees long and starts on Sept 16th. True Virgo covers all of tropical Libra, the whole month of October til the End. Check your satellite apps today! You are in for a surprise! This is not a Scorpio full moon! I repeat, not a Scorpio full moon. Virgo and Scorpio do have that healing feminine magic in common, but they differ in method. Scorpio will want to get all emotional, and intense, while Virgo will be the one to stay calm and productive. Trust me; I have both of these super powerful signs dominating my 13 sign astrology chart. Choose to be calm and productive today. This is a time to heal and reorganize ourselves thoroughly! We are heading into a very fiery Mercury Retrograde (Aries) shortly, with some pretty intricate alignments! Many changes have already begun. Everything in your life is quickly rearranging and completely restructuring to your benefit. And the whole wide World will be changing right along with you. It’s best to keep order and balance of mind and spirit, to meet the necessary changes with grace and divine protection. During my Saturn Return in Virgo, it was revealed to me in more ways than one, that Virgo is the Virtue of Maat. The Purity of the Mind and Body. Read thru my last 3 articles, especially my piece on The Virgo Lunar Eclipse*)


It is important to remember your mind and body as One. All things are connected and we are living out this truth, more and more each day! Maat is known as the Double Winged Goddess. That which is within me and that which is around me. Maat is the union of opposites that create harmony. There are many slightly different variations of the 42 Laws of Maat. Laws of the Universe. Laws of Oneness. Maat is a Goddess, a concept, and a principle. The Double Winged Goddess of Right and Truth. Full Moons remind us that changes and endings are necessary for our growth. Virgo represents the woman, the mind, the earth and the Maatrix Mother. Where all things are connected. All actions carry seeds of their own justice. Happy Full Moon!*)


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