Super Full Moon 13 Sign Astrology


*Supermoons are new and full moon alignments that happen extremely close to the Earth. Because of this, their energetic effects will be felt the strongest for the year! The lunar energy we will be completing today is in the constellation of Pisces! That means this dreamy watery sign will influence our subconscious mind for 2 weeks till the New Moon comes in. Now is the time to jump start your spiritual life in a new direction. It is time for a Rebirth. This Super Full Moon is in the deepest depths of Pisces! A time of great spiritual renewal and transformation. This is a new Paradigm awakening within our lives! And it is happening through us searching deeply within! Pisces is the spiritual abyss to the underworld. The primordial waters. The cycle of life, death, and rebirth continues for all beings and creatures of the universe. Pisces is The Mother of all Mothers. The void. Mamiwata. To access the powers of this Super Full Moon and the next 2 weeks, you must have Faith. This full moon will have us collectively feeling the deepest parts of our soul’s existence.


The Sun, still in Virgo till Halloween, is asking us to cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!!! Working with the waters of Pisces and our deepest emotions. More layers of humanity’s past karmas are ready to be purged and released again. These Blood Moons & Eclipses are like Supermoons, and have all been more important than usual. Many wonderful breakthroughs and beginnings are happening. This full Moon opposite Sun alignment will help us to balance and organize the energy with healthy organic Earth magic just to stay afloat! Working with the earth and exercising the mind-body connection are essential and can no longer be ignored. “Health is Wealth” is very real! Virgo represents the divine feminine intelligence that is our birthright within her Matrix. We all have to incubate and pass through a woman to get here on earth. The word Matrix means egg or womb in Latin and can be traced back to the Goddess Maat, the Goddess of balance and order. These principles and concepts originate in Virgo…The Maatrix Mother. In reality it is the constellation of Virgo that is on the Fall Equinox, creating the balance that we are All seeking.