The Scorpion’s New Moon: 13 Sign Astrology


Happy New Moon!

I’m writing this one day before my birthday! November 29th-30th is the bridge between Scorpio and the 13th Sign, Ophiuchus Serpentarius. There is so much mystery and history to this zone of the Sky! Some people will never get it. Scorpio is the sign of karmic, emotional, sexual and creative power. Right now we’re at the Heart of the Scorpion! On the giant star, Antares. Antares is one of the brightest stars in the whole sky! Its name means “like Mars” because it is so big, red and fiery! Antares is larger than the Sun! For Scorpio to be so dark, it sure is bright! Definitely Scorpio’s energy and intensity comes from holding this position.

The Red Super Giant Star Antares is on the Sacred Watchtower of the West, also represented by Archangel Gabriel. Antares was one of the 1st stars named and identified in the Heavens! This is the Root Chakra and a great deal of Akashic Record Keeping is stored here. Scorpio and especially Antares, symbolize transformation and all of the different levels of Ascension. The Snake, The Eagle, The Scorpion and everything in between! Scorpio is also the guardian of the Sacred Black Hole in the Center of the Galaxy. The remnants of 2 galaxies colliding. The Milky Way. The Snake Holder Serpentarius Ophiuchus domain. Both Scorpio and Serpentarius deal with healing and transformation. Being born walking thru Scorpio’s hidden door into the 1st degree of the 13th sign, I can say my Scorpio side is more emotional and my Ophiuchus, more forgiving. Scorpio can be a painful journey. The Scorpion will always have to consciously choose to heal. It can be a very subconsciously centered life for one with sidereal Scorpio planets. Stepping into the mysteries of the 13, Serpentarius people are in a class of their own. Most of what we feel and know is just unexplainable. A lot of Shamans, Healers, and Mystics have planets here! Chanting and creative visualization are mandatory for this zone of electric activity. There really is so much I could go into about this subject and I would encourage you to have your 13 sign birth chart done by me personally. I’ve known my real Sun Sign is on the Scorpio-Ophiuchus cusp for over 15 years now! Western astrology just isn’t accurate enough for me. In astrology, each sign governs an area of the body and a mode of operation. The 13th sign is positioned between Scorpio and Sagittarius. What does it represent? The Kundalini of course. The Birth Canal. Snakes in a Black hole. Transformation. The 3rd Eye and beyond. Life after Death. The Astral Body and all its powers. I can tell you from personal experience and also historically. We All have these abilities. Some people are just more aware of it and utilize their spiritual talents more than others. Being born with 4+ planets and asteroids in the Scorpio-Ophiuchus zone, there was no way I would miss this information. Now is a great time to delve deeper into your healing gifts. Go ahead and do a thorough cleanse while you’re at it. This type of energy tends to pull on everything around it as it funnels and recycles information. Find more time to pray, chant, visualize and meditate as the Heavens are extra activated and open right now.


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