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Super New Moon in Aries… New Frontiers


*Happy Super New Moon!

*Quick reminder, this is a 13 sign astrology article. We are not on western zodiac time over here. I’m doing this for those who want to know and follow the true zodiac. Real astrology includes the 13th sign. I could go into my many complaints and judgments about why western astrology is practically useless and confusing. Instead, lets just start decoding this super new moon!

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Full Moon in Virgo. . Balancing the Matrix with Goddess Maat

Full Moon in Virgo. Image by Star Walk App.


Happy Full Moon!

This is the 2nd full moon in the constellation of Virgo, one of the deepest areas of the sky! In real time 13 sign astrology, we know that Virgo spans 44.5 degrees long and starts on Sept 16th. True Virgo covers all of tropical Libra, the whole month of October til the End. Check your satellite apps today! You are in for a surprise! This is not a Scorpio full moon! I repeat, not a Scorpio full moon. Virgo and Scorpio do have that healing feminine magic in common, but they differ in method. Scorpio will want to get all emotional, and intense, while Virgo will be the one to stay calm and productive.

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Virgo: Goddess Awakening


Happy Full Moon!

Today we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse happening in the constellation of Virgo! Check for proper coordinates on a Google Sky Map. You can download the app for free, so you don’t have to question me, and sidereal time on what’s real, and where the moon really is, for one of the most important cosmic alignments of the year. LOL! Full Moon in Virgo. This is a time of immense emotional, mental, and physical healing. We are still in the all-encompassing sun sign of Pisces, so our spiritual truths are feeling alot like déjà vu right about now! Make sure to drink plenty of water and fresh pressed juices to keep the positive things moving in your life. Tune into how all things are connected.

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Super New Moon In Pisces . . The Spiritual Abyss


Happy Super New Moon!

What an amazing time to be alive and witness one of our most profound transformations! I’m very excited to see more interest and openness to 13 sign astrology! With satellite apps and the internet, we really don’t have any excuse for blindly staying on the western zodiac. Times are changing rapidly and knowing correct star placements really makes all the difference.

The solar and lunar energy we have today is Pisces! A Super New Moon in Pisces! No it’s not in Aries, like mainstream astrology is saying. If you have a google sky map app you can verify this for yourself. The difference between Aries and Pisces is like night and day.

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SUPER New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius…… The Electric Water Bearer


*Happy New Moon!

And it’s also a Supermoon Solar Eclipse too!! Supermoons are new and full moon alignments that happen extremely close to the Earth. Because of this, their energetic effects will be the strongest of the year! New Moons are also known as Black Moons. Every new moon, the Sun and Moon are in the same space, conjunct. Therefore, no light is reflected until they start to move away from each other, and the crescent begins to grow. Solar Eclipses are new moons with tremendous power. This is a time of great spiritual renewal and transformation. During this time we will begin something new. New Moon Eclipses are major life changers. Especially a Super New Moon Eclipse! The Sun and Moon are BOTH in Aquarius today.

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