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The Scorpion’s New Moon: 13 Sign Astrology


Happy New Moon!

I’m writing this one day before my birthday! November 29th-30th is the bridge between Scorpio and the 13th Sign, Ophiuchus Serpentarius. There is so much mystery and history to this zone of the Sky! Some people will never get it. Scorpio is the sign of karmic, emotional, sexual and creative power. Right now we’re at the Heart of the Scorpion! On the giant star, Antares. Antares is one of the brightest stars in the whole sky! Its name means “like Mars” because it is so big, red and fiery! Antares is larger than the Sun! For Scorpio to be so dark, it sure is bright! Definitely Scorpio’s energy and intensity comes from holding this position.

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Super Full Moon 13 Sign Astrology


*Supermoons are new and full moon alignments that happen extremely close to the Earth. Because of this, their energetic effects will be felt the strongest for the year! The lunar energy we will be completing today is in the constellation of Pisces! That means this dreamy watery sign will influence our subconscious mind for 2 weeks till the New Moon comes in. Now is the time to jump start your spiritual life in a new direction. It is time for a Rebirth. This Super Full Moon is in the deepest depths of Pisces! A time of great spiritual renewal and transformation. This is a new Paradigm awakening within our lives!

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. . . . Mamiwata, The Spiritual Abyss


What an amazing time to be alive and witness some of our most profound transformations! I’m very excited to see more interest in 13 sign astrology! With satellite apps and the internet, we really don’t have any excuse for blindly staying on the western zodiac when it does not line up to the actual stars. Times are changing rapidly and knowing correct star placements really makes all the difference.

The lunar moon energy we have coming in today is Pisces! A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! As I have stated in my previous articles, we are in the middle of great changes. And we are actively reorganizing our mind body connection with this current Mercury Retrograde season!

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Black Moon 13 Sign Astrology


13 Sign Astrology is not new and it is very similar to sidereal, vedic, Indian/Egyptian astrological dates which have been used waaay longer than the western Gregorian/Julian Calendar!! Ophiuchus aka Serpentarius, the 13th Sign is covering the great Black Hole of our Galaxy and was intentionally hidden because of its power. I’ve been studying this subject for over 15 years and I was born with the Sun on the first Day of the 13th Sign ironically. It is real, it is on the ecliptic, and we are not going anywhere. Sign up to my mailing list at the end of this article! I do readings, classes, and phone consultations on why Ophiuchus is essential to our Consciousness here on Earth. We should all be thankful NASA and people like myself, are out here helping the masses wake up from what has been a westernized cloak on our true celestial makeup!

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo…. The Ring of Fire


Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse!

*Quick reminder, this is a 13 sign astrology article. We are not on western zodiac time over here. I’m doing this for those who want to know and follow the true zodiac. Real Sky alignments. Real time astrology includes the 13th sign! I could go into my many complaints and judgments about why western astrology is practically useless and confusing. Instead, lets just start decoding this new moon solar eclipse using sidereal (star) time and all 13 constellations on the ecliptic!

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